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Staff thread. Ask. Suggest. Get info.

Staff thread. Ask. Suggest. Get info.

You can talk to staff here about general issues, but not about how to post! You can get that information here:

For account related issues, please contact us via:

For other specific issues by email:

We will also leave messages here and twitter, when the site is in read-only mode:
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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@playxporn appears to be spamming; Already flagged the comments, is this the right place to do this?
I suggest there is procedure made available for submitting posts that have been marked as correct but are in fact, should I say, open to question ?

I have come across two like this in recent days which have been marked as correct but which contain factual inaccuracies, and I have not known what to do because these are about specific posts and not general questions
@NameDaHoe is advertising another site, by reposting information that already has been given by other members, or at least that seems to be the case;@Operator what is to happen?.
@Operator Data18 link is there for screenshots of video. The question was to name the performer and in the center picture was 1 female performer. Even without the data18 link there was the tagging of the performer name. That linked to 10s of already accepted answers of that female performer for corroboration. If we can't rely on tagging then what is it even for?

Also, in reference to the data18 links, even those aren't always correct, or entirely correct. In the given request about Lindsay Meadows she is credited in the movie, but the scene credits on data18 aren't complete, they only list 1 or 2 performers in a scene with 10. I have provided links to iafd in the past which does show all performers in a scene, but will still get the same result of 'not enough information'.
@herkalurk The problem is, that when name is asked and its not visible in the data18, it means that we cannot reference it. If you can link the name and the content, then you have the accept.

This is from the mods:

Remember just because an answer is obvious to you, it doesn't mean it is to others. Mods review dozens and dozens of answers daily. We're not about to go fishing to accept answers. Give enough proof so there is no reason to decline them.

What more proof do you need? I have data18 link to full movie info, I have tags to model as well as link to playable video.

2 years ago

I have screenshots showing the actors in the same scene and info from a movie ID site? What 'more proof' are you expecting?

name blonde girl and movie title
10 days ago
@FurryNordguard Thank you for your input and suggestions! We are working on a bigger update that will address areas from both of your suggestions.

1. Minor cosmetic suggestion/idea
Fill the borders of the "Thumbs Up", "Thumbs Down", "Following", "Favourite", and "Report" buttons with the same colours as the icons once they are clicked. This would improve the visibility — especially on high resolution monitors where it can be difficult to tell if a button has been clicked.



Also note, it's currently not possible to remove a "Thumbs Up" or "Thumbs Down" once it has been clicked. Is this intended behaviour or a bug?

2. Enhanced search and filters for User's followed/favourited posts
It would be great if there could be an option to allow users to restrict their search to keywords, tags, and post titles only within their followed/favourited posts.

Also, a selection filter could be applied whereby a user can quickly check a box and only view solved/unsolved posts that they are following. Over time, this could be expanded to include a date/time filter, show whether posts have been confirmed (and the # of confirms), etc.

Apologies if the above suggestions have already been proposed. I'm a new member here and thought I'd share some ideas :)

Thanks for putting together this great site and maintaining it. Cheers!
@D-Mac those type of questions should be threads. You can flag them to be made into threads.

@WorldsBestPorn its on its way.
@Operator is it ok to flag posts that ask for similar looking pornstars or similar type videos since they don't have a definitive answer to them? What should we put as the reason for flagging?

How about a reply button? Currently, the only way reply to someone is copy their username, paste their username, and then write your message. A reply button would make it easier to reply to people without having to copy their username.
@zajebanitis its a judgment with luck. If the content quality is beyond bad, then we will trash it for sure. Maybe we will accept it before.
@Operator I read that mobile screenshots are forbidden now, but what are we to do when come across one of these which is still unsolved? Should we bother to answer them, or simply flag them?
There is information box under the direct upload. It explains everything.

FYI: The content you are trying to upload, is very poor quality and for that reason for lower levels the direct upload is disabled.
When I try to create a new post, I get an error saying the image is too small. I then get the option to upload from my local library where I saved the image to bigger dimensions but clicking upload doesn't do anything. I was going to try and start a thread on it instead but couldn't find where to do that. For reference the image I was tying to post about is here:
@Operator / @Don , would you be able to change the correct answer in the below post? My comment (#903669) was mistakenly marked as correct when I was only asking a clarifying question to the OP. The correct answer was provided by @angelfeles (#903671). Thank you!

Where can i find this full vídeo?
22 days ago
@Don Coud you please do something about this moderation mistake?
Where can I find this video?
12 months ago

Thanks in advance!
@Usernmetaken Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for the suggestions. The first suggestion we will discuss it. But for now you can use a slower method, that when you hover the thumbnail, it will show the title and in brackets the reply count, if there is any.

The other two suggestions are planned for the next big update, that will happen hopefully one day.. but its a major undertaking for us right now, that we are working on daily.
Suggestion: In the related posts/other unsolved questions sidebar would it be possible to show icons on the thumbnails to indicate if there are any comments, if we have confirmed a comment and/or if the question is marked as answered?

Additionally in the thread for requesting confirms the linked NTP posts show if a question has been marked as answered but doesn't show whether we have confirmed a comment in there or not, this would be handy if people want to go through the thread and don't want to waste time rechecking posts they've already confirmed, either through that thread already or if they already confirmed the post before it was linked in the thread.

Lastly is it possible to change/add to the Show Open Only option such that it can change modes to filter between posts with 0 replies or posts with at least 1 reply? This would help to show people looking just to answer stuff only the stuff that definitely doesn't have an answer yet and likewise for people who want to help confirm stuff it will only show stuff that has some comment (even though it may not be an actual answer). Similarly to the other two suggestions for this to be really useful for people confirming answers we'd need an indication on the thumbnail to show if we've made a confirmation in that post or not.

Hopefully if these changes are implemented it will encourage users to confirm more posts that already have answers in them so that they can be properly marked as answered.
Other unsolved questions