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Staff thread. Ask. Suggest. Get info.

Staff thread. Ask. Suggest. Get info.

You can talk to staff here about general issues, but not about how to post! You can get that information here:

For account related issues, please contact us via:

For other specific issues by email:

We will also leave messages here and twitter, when the site is in read-only mode:
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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@tellmewhodis Beta testing is actually over. But you can email me at my-username @ site url. So I sometimes send out bugs to look out for, which helps the community to speed up problem solving.
I've heard that there is some kind of beta test right now? Do you need more tester? I would like to help.

Another big performance upgrade, we have removed a major bottleneck and that will make the site noticeably faster and will enable us to put our focus on developing other features.

Added icons that will notify you of new messages, friend requests and regular notifications in the user dropdown.

In order to avoid loading all notifications on every pageload, you'll have to click to open the notifications. This is a temporary solution until we redo the header, but will improve the site's performance greatly.

Temporary message limit is now set at 250 instead of the previous 50. Temporary measure, until messaging system can be fully developed.
@WorldsBestPorn So I was able to recreate the issue. While I am not certain, why this didn't come up before, it is fixed now.

@NinNin is correct. I thought it was just me, but ever since the latest update, every time I post a comment it says "loading, hold on", and nothing else happens. The comment does still post at some point, but I have to refresh the page in order to make sure, because if I don't, the page will just stay like that forever.

Here is the most recent post I answered:
What's the name of this porn star?
10 months ago
@L1bru5 Both work just fine for me. Can you email me, with screenshots and exact copy paste of your code. Its very hard to get the root cause of a editor syntax, when the editor hides it.
Update: yeah just me, something wrong with chrome profile, fixed it

@Operator - not sure if it's just me, but it looks like all the embedded videos from "xvideos" are not showing up. I have to edit the link so it shows up. If you can see both just fine guess it's just me.

show's a big blank area

have to cancel out the beginning up to the "www." for it show up
@NinNin I cannot reproduce it. You either need to give me specific directions, on how it happens or AJAX output from developer console. I will monitor for this, but right now there is no trace of any logs in our system of any possible problem.
@Operator I'm having an issue with posting. When I submit an answer, I receive the message "loading, hold on", but the answer is never posted. I need to reload the page for that to happen.
@WorldsBestPorn Bugs and errors should always be sent to our general email for priority care. If some anon mentions that in 5 page long essay, it may get lost.

Someone else had reported to you here in the thread that the image search wasn't working months ago, and you said you were in the process of swapping out all the images to improve the site, or something to that effect. I didn't see a reason to ask a question that had already been answered.
@WorldsBestPorn In matter of fact, it is great stuff, that allows us to move forward with all other developments.

I am also pleased to let you know, that we have fixed the image reverse search.

However, in the future, please report it trough proper channels when issues present themselves -- not months later. Things do not usually start magically "working again". We need to actually fix them, and to do that, we need to know about the problem first.

All great stuff. Any news on when the image search will be working again? I haven't had a successful search in months.
I'm pleased to let you guys know, that the new post view has been launched. We believe this will make your user experience better generally, but especially when browsing larger threads.


+ Posts with more than 20 answers/comments, will be divided by pages now. (accesible from the bottom of the post)
+ Several posting limits introduced to prevent spam. This only applies to users below the level 5.
+ Answering does not require clicking a button anymore
+ Posting as anon while logged in has been replaced with Hidden User. (You will still get notifications, but your identity will be hidden).
+ Custom icons to different user types. (Staff, Hidden users, Deactive accounts, Anons)
+ New error/success messages
+ Overall site performance upgrades.

Another spammer @mommyincestsis
This anonymous complaining has to stop. If you can't say it under your name, don't say it at all.

We JUST started the new moderation wave as a trial. I will not go into details here, as it is not even a week old.

Start an action panel access, was open to anyone. The ones, who did email me, participated in a beta testing of generating example data. The system is not hooked to anything yet and serves no function. If you did not bother to help the community, with beta testing then don't complain about not getting the access. -- These users, will at one point get some sort of reward for helping, but have not gotten anything special as of yet.

It is obvious, that if there are alot of pending answers, then there is gonna be a change in the statistics. Points are counted in as of date moderated, not the date answered. Its always been like this.
@Anon_b2BHOO2WQeyEM My point is, say I have 3,000 thousand questions waiting to be marked correct and you have 300. If 10 percent of all users' answers were moderated, then I would surely have more correct answers than you, as well as more points. The only hierarchy here is that the users who regularly appear in the top 10 generally answer the most questions, and that's why the user currently sitting at number three will probably end the month at number one.
@Anon_885X3UiIvED62 If you honestly have thousands of answers waiting to be marked correct, then wouldn't that make you one of the most "active users"? Then where's your points? Clearly there is a hierarchy happening here, and that not fair if we are all supposed to be "in the same boat".
Do you know why the same users are consistently in the top 10? Because they are the most active users, not just in answering questions. Many of those users also confirm, confirm, confirm. It is clear that there is some moderation right now. Wouldn't it then follow that the most active users would receive the most moderation. For example, while some users are complaining about having hundreds of answers waiting to be marked correct, I have thousands! I appreciate the frustration of users as expressed below. But as long as I see improvement in the site, which I have recently, including some moderation, I feel encouraged.
@Anon_b2BHOO2WQeyEM YES! That's exactly what I was talking about the other day. I'm glad somebody finally sees things from my perspective, thank you. I don't think it's a coincidence that the same users are consistently on the top 10 list for the month. Especially the one who's currently at number 3. I'd bet my life he's number 1 at the end of the month just like he is EVERY month. They've all had to've figured out a way to rig the system in their favor and to me that's total bullshit and I don't see any point in contributing to this site anymore if that's how things are going to be.
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