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Staff thread. Ask. Suggest. Get info.

Staff thread. Ask. Suggest. Get info.

You can talk to staff here about general issues, but not about how to post! You can get that information here:

For account related issues, please contact us via:

For other specific issues by email:

We will also leave messages here and twitter, when the site is in read-only mode:
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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@Yoni. I havent gotten around it yet. It comes from the fact, we changed from 70 items per page to 50. Nothing is lost, just total pages count is off.
@Operator I've noticed that I have 20 pages of followed posts, 5 of which are completely empty, starting at the 15 all the way trough 20; Anyone else with this problem?
@Operator guidelines say that we should have tagged answer, if OP can accept anything then why even moderate? Just let OPs accept answer and auto_mod accept answers that have been sitting for too long. Why even mark things as not enough info? You're wielding a double edged sword, but only using 1 side.

Also, please don't act like that was a good answer, it just wasn't marked as unacceptable, so why is it any answer I seem to put up gets tight scrutiny, but others aren't? That was on the front page too.

There is a 4 years old post and i answered 2 years ago, could you please finalize it?

Who is she? Where can I find more?
4 years ago

This one is 3 years old, asked by anon

What's the name of this porn star?
3 years ago

Another 3 years old post, asked by anon and source is down.

What's the name of this porn star?
2 years ago

Last one also asked by anona dn 4 years old, answer was easy.

What's the name of this porn actor?
4 years ago
@herkalurk OP can basically accept anything he wants. Moderators have policies and guidelines to follow.

Name and video was asked. Name was provided. Partial.
@Operator why are we allowing an experienced user to accept a non tagged answer? Also, why wasn't this flagged as not acceptable?

what is the name of this cutiepie
11 months ago

It seems like you guys are trolling the front page for these issues since you blocked one of my answers earlier today.

name and video
3 days ago
We launched a very raw version of our mobile layout. There are glitches to be expected, so let us know if you see any issues.

Also alot of old scripts got updated. So we expect the site to be slightly faster.

Either way, if you see any issues please let us know. Any feedback is welcome, as alot of aspects of the core of NTP got redone, and we cannot test it on every single platform out there.

Let be noted, that we always use the latest tech out there. This means, that your browser has to be updated for all the new stuff to work. Having a browser update from 2015 will mean, that the site doesn't work for you
@Operator Pattern recognition is like math as well. I provided the tagged performer name which linked to several solved answers.

We have multiple images of a person. 1 image has no identification, but others do. If we can conclude that all images are of the same person, therefore the unknown image is also the same person, therefore I have given proof and 'shown my work'.

I don't need external links to prove that when we have tagging. Which is why I asked what you think tagging is for. Clearly you only want tagging so that this site can be a porn repository, not to prove identity.
@herkalurk To answer all questions in regards of why mods decline answers: "Content quality".

Tags are required to link content.

Your referenced answer didn't have proof either and was corrected. Its like math, you need to show the calculations on how you got the answer.
@Operator@Don Why would I require additional info for this answer? I thought that previous confirmed answers were valid. Also, as I have asked before, what is the point of tagging? If we can't use tagged pornstar names as proof that the person in the image/video in question is in fact who we are saying they are, then why even use it?

What is her name?
11 days ago
@WorldsBestPorn The captcha error you are seeing comes directly from google. I wonder if your browser has some plugins that stop the full functionality.

Why its there? To avoid bot accounts and attacks on the site. It is however planned to be replaced.

Its not just your account security. Its about the entire site and its services running well. If we are under attack, you wont be able to login at all or access the site. Captcha blocks off attacks along with some other security features we have.

"Can everybody access their notifications and logout and etc?"

I can logout fine. It's logging IN that's the problem. It always takes me 9 or 10 tries to do it, because it keeps saying the "captcha can't connect, check your internet connection". My internet is just fine, otherwise I wouldn't be able to access this site AT ALL. Why do we even need a captcha to login anyway? Other popular sites like Youtube, Facebook and Pornhub go without using it, so why do we need it here? And if better account security is the reason, then what better security is needed for this site? Is someone gonna log into my account and answer questions for me? In that case they'd be doing me a FAVOR, so get rid of this captcha crap and let them have at it. lol
@danielusabia3 the issue should be fixed as well.
@Operator sure I will be in direct touch thanks :)
@danielusabia3 Ok I got it now. Working on it. It is yes only for mobile. We are working on mobile solutions right now. So if you find any more issues with mobile, let me know via direct messages.
@Operator done the mail is sent have a look
@Operator okay I am sending you some screenshots over the mail right away
I am using ntp over phone since the very beginning so it might be a issue over phone but wait I will send you the screenshots over mail
@woxter19 Go to the user profile and accept or ignore it. If its a empty notice, log out and back in again to reset it.

@danielusabia3 Can you provide some screenshots or something? Posts addresses don't change. All work well for us.
@Operator I guess there's being a new problem with the links check the confirmation thread out users are posting there bounty questions but after commenting it is seen that the post changes into another link happened with me too either it says ntpdeadlink or changes the link I kept a bookmark of confirmation thread in my profile but it automatically changed to some solved post the link is same but the address becomes something else please have a look
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