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Staff thread. Ask. Suggest. Get info.

Staff thread. Ask. Suggest. Get info.

You can talk to staff here about general issues, but not about how to post! You can get that information here:

For account related issues, please contact us via:

For other specific issues by email:

We will also leave messages here and twitter, when the site is in read-only mode:
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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You can still post as anon. Reload after login
A general gripe that the new system encourages and rewards top postings ... it’s happened a fair amount to me lately

Where can I find this video?
1 day ago
Why I received 18 points for two answers I gave 16 days ago in a post that was dated 21 days?
Where can I find this video?
1 month ago
Where can I find this video?
1 month ago
The minimum amount of points I'm aware of is 25, so why did this happen?
I noted a similar bug about a week ago, when I got only 21 points for an answer of 9 days ago in a post dated 29 days
1 month ago
While in posts dated less than a day I got 25 full points, how is this possible? Doesn't make any sense!
I'd like to make a suggestion
A way to add pic of NTP questions visible on User's profile
This is only for NTP links but it gets things more easier if this could also be applied to the questions/answers section.
I'd also like to note that the following/favourite posts current view mode is very annoying: to get to first added we need to compulsively click on "show more" at the bottom of the page. I feel it gets better if a similar thing that's on thread viewing page is made. Scrolling through pages gets faster and we could easily get to last page or skip 5 and more pages in a row...
A previously banned user is operating several accounts to post questions and answers. These are some of his user names:


All of his video links are from the same site (this is often a red flag for spam):

Don't waste your time with this user's posts--they will eventually be deleted. And, in general, flag posts that you believe to be spam.@Operator or@Don will address it. This is for the benefit of the community.
@WorldsBestPorn Probably some random glitch.

How was it that this user was able to post twice in 2mins, when I can only post once every 5 mins?

Where can I find this video?
18 days ago
Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link
@Operator yeah but there are only few of them, just 10 out of the total 60+, how can I view all of them?
Is there a way to recover notifications?
I accidentally clicked on view all notifications button without being able to actually view the 60+ notifications that were waiting for me more than a month.
Are they all lost?
And now after 2-3 emails of "delete my account bitches" and then asking us to do extra effort to save the account, its banned. I hope this doesn't leave any questions open.
@Mommincestsis You requested your account to be deleted twice. Its deleted now. And instead of waiting for response in the support email, now you overwrote the systems, making it more harder to rescue your account.
@that was a while ago, still, even if you guys do that, don't you ban it permanently instead of deleting the whole account? Or is that the case here and all the content related to that is gone?
@Operator please contact me about this, I have lots of content on that account. I would appreciate if i could log back in.
@Operator that's what surprising me. I know that accounts still exist after getting banned. I am 100% sure of the account name. It say username not found. I recently commented on a post and i scrolled down to check that post, even my comment is gone. Please do something

What do you mean it doesn't exist anymore? Even when users get banned, their account remains. You may have forgotten what your exact username was.
@Operator my previous account under the same name seems to be unaccessible for some reason. I tried logging on several times but it doesn't exist anymore. Please reach me out regarding that, I can provide you with the password, but don't have the registered email. I had lots of data under that account so please do reach me out regarding that
Where do I find this video?
11 months ago
Actually not the video I was looking for (set is different) but it got marked as correct
@spacecake If OP finds the request themselves, then that is very good. They need certain level to accept it though, and will not get any points for it.

@HardRockBig Write to us.

@axelcapo Not all frames in GIF are indexed. Only main one. This has not changed and has always been this way.
@Operator how can i change my UserName
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