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Staff thread. Ask. Suggest. Get info.

Staff thread. Ask. Suggest. Get info.

You can talk to staff here about general issues, but not about how to post! You can get that information here:

For account related issues, please contact us via:

For other specific issues by email:

We will also leave messages here and twitter, when the site is in read-only mode:
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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True, but wouldn't you much rather get an answer? And besides, other people follow posts too, so by getting one deleted, you're denying them from getting the answer as well.
@WorldsBestPorn to be fair it was my own post, so I should be able to remove it.

Because even though the video is deleted, the thumbnail remains. For example:

What's the name of this porn actor?
3 years ago

The OP wanted to know the name of her, but the video was deleted. So by using the thumbnail, I was able to find out her name was Kylee Nash
@WorldsBestPorn if you can't see the video, how are you going to know it's correct?

There's no need to delete posts just because the video was deleted. I answer posts like that all the time.
@Operator will there ever be a way to remove bad posts?

Auto.msg.: ntp.so/ - dead link
Video has died, no need to keep around
@WorldsBestPorn Flag button with the CAT_SHEMALE or CAT_GAY in it. This way it will be nice and clear in the flagging system.

The filter is working now? This is the greatest day in the history of NTP ^_^ But I do have questions about flagging older TS content:

Do you want us to click the flag button, and then post CAT_SHEMALE as the reason for the flag, or do you want us to simply post that in the comments? Also, do we get points for doing this? lol
The TS filter aka content nature selector button is visible now and waits for your feedback.

The nature selector should work by merging your preferences together in the masonry (items grid pageses), search, latest comments and random unsolved posts. It will have no effect in your profile, your favorites/followings, image reverse search and direct links.

This means, if you have selected only "Straight" as content nature and visit shemale tag, then in theory there should not be anything visible. Same goes for search and all the above mentioned.

At the moment it will not save into your account settings, but locally to your browser. You can feedback on this matter, if you think it should be hooked to your account as well. So if you come from a fresh PC, it will be default as "Straight" and once you login, it will set it to whatever it was last time you logged out/in.

Gay content currently is still not enabled in the submitter, as we need to test it out before. However, the existing gay content in NTP, is correctly re-labeled, so the nature is not empty.

Once again, please flag mislabeled content as CAT_SHEMALE or CAT_GAY if you see anything in "Straight"-mode. Thanks.
We are inches away from launching the TS filter. It would speed up the launch if you guys could flag all TS/shemale and gay content. Nothing will be deleted, it will be re-labeled and temporary disappear, due to your default setting.

Once the button is activated, where you can switch it, then all content will come back up.

Best way to flag it is: CAT_SHEMALE or CAT_GAY Nothing else is needed, just the correct category marker and we can easily pick it up from there.

You can find this content from knowing known TS pornstars names, search function, tags and etc.

Once again, we won't delete posts or suspend users from this point onwards on this matter. The content will be re-labeled in the system and temporary hide away from general view, but still be visible from direct link, favorites, profile feed and reverse image search.
@WorldsBestPorn The TS filter aka content orientation was working already, but there was (big) performance issues. The test was not public of course.

If the solution starts hanging the site's load time, then it obviously cannot be launched like that. Once we have solved this problem, then it can be tested semi-publicly and launched if no issues appear.

After using the "post tags" for a few weeks now, I have to admit that I think they are a benefit to this site. And if they get us closer to having the Straight/TS/Gay filter become operational, then I'm all for it, but I do have some questions:

How far away is the filter from working and how exactly will it work? For example, if someone creates a post and selects TS as the orientation, where can that post be seen? Obviously it won't appear on the homepage with all the "straight" posts, so where will it go? Also, how will those posts be moderated, or will OP's only be able to accept answers for TS posts?
I did noting and is accepted now....

Just reload the page and accept it.
How do I close my own post when I found the answer by myself ?
Where can I find this video?
6 months ago
@Afshin6969 you have to wait for the user who posted the question to confirm it. It all depends on them. You might wait few hours or few years for that to happen and im not kidding you. That is why you have to check the profile of the user and see if he is confirming the answers. And no matter how simple the question might be, your answer might go unconfirmed for a long time. If the user himself does not confirm it, then the staff has to, and that might take some time, again, depending on how "easy" the answer is. It takes a lot of patience.
i said correct answer , when will be chosen one ?!
@herkalurk ah ik thanks mate!
@AdolfJongUn69 the 2nd question asks for a video, not just identification, you have no videos linked for that answer, so it's not complete.
I wrote the same answer to the same question, yet one was marked as partial and one was marked as correct.

Whats the name of this pornstar?
27 days ago

where i can i find this video?
27 days ago
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