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One-off ad, or...?

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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Eye Candy Avenue Alecia
Here is the wrap-up as to why the blonde is definitely Alecia:

Where can I find this video?
3 years ago

The proof is right there, and is pretty inarguable, at this point.

If ever this correct answer is designated one day, I am looking at the sequence of this thread (or "post" as they like to say around here)... and I see the first one who came up with the correct answer was Boxxytrox in Post #130554 below (the second post of this thread)... 1 year ago.

I came up with the link to where the correct answer was before Boxxytrox, in Post #17415, the first post of this page (2 years ago)... and that would normally count.

...But not in this case. The correct answer was designated in the "Big Daddy" of these three threads in this "Bounty Questions" section, entitled, "An NTP Quest! (500 BOUNTY)" AFTER I had included my link..!
An NTP Quest! (500 BOUNTY)
5 years ago

So our friend Boxxytrox is the winner of the bounty on this page.

I am holding back on my 'CONFIRM" because Boxxytrox made a minor error; he misspelled the name of our elusive "Please Fuck Me blonde. He wrote: "Could be Alicia from Eye Candy Avenue."

Her name is Alecia, and not Alicia, (Please see the bottom of my Post #526811 in the "An NTP Quest! (500 BOUNTY)" thread linked directly above, for a dissection of the names; it is currently at the top of that page.)@boxxytrox , please make the correction.


I just noticed something.

The question above does not ask who the actress is.

One-off ad, or...?

I'm not even sure what that means. Does it mean was this a "One shot ad"? (The answer is no, because there was a mini-campaign behind this ad, featuring Dani Jensen; see link above.) Does the question mean was this just an ad, or was there a video behind it? (The answer is, it was just an ad and there was no video behind it.)

I'm trying to find clues about what the answers below have thought... Every answer beginning with my own is dealing with the actress except for the last two, which discuss the fact that this was really an ad.

What kind of a question is this? Of course it's an ad. Am I missing something?

I guess the questioner knew it was an ad, but wanted to know if there was anything more to it... like a video.

(OP@dunderton : If you catch this, perhaps you can perform an edit, or if you're not allowed to, put up a new post and clarify what you were after.)

If so, the first one who answered the question was@Corumblue (two posts below).

"Think it's just some ad. I've never been able to find anything."

Well, he may not have sounded certain, but he was correct. This was certainly an ad and nothing more. (The link at the top of this post of mine made reference, explaining why there was no video... by pointing out this was part of a mini-ad campaign, featuring Alecia for the first ad, and Dani Jensen for the second ad.)

What does everyone else think? Does Corumblue get the prize? Or is it@Kingice66 who responded next, and who sounded more certain?

It's just an add fam
Think it's just some ad. I've never been able to find anything
Thats not her my bad different cane up when i searched her name
Lea Lexus from Assacre
I think may be wrong but it kinda looks like her
Lena paul my ass they dont even look alike dip shit
lena paul
It ant alicia
Could be Alicia from Eye Candy Avenue.
That XPIX.NET thing is just some hokey, super sketchy looking sex/dating site though. Don't go there unless you like browser hijacks lol.
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