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An NTP Quest! (500 BOUNTY)

This is like when R2 was projecting Princess Leia, this girl is begging for help! lol, really wanna find this one!
Source ad: PLEASE FUCK ME - YOUR WIFE WILL NEVER FIND OUT - Just send me a message and ask to fuck. - VIEW PHOTOS.
#begging #ad #blonde
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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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its dani jensen
Its from caption Contest.
Source : https://www.imagefap.com/photo/2111639936/?pgid=&gid=6117305&page=0&idx=19
Uploaded by Vava44 on date : 2016-04-30 08:43:33
Dani Jensen for sure
Dani Jensen
How about we just ask Dani Jensen on twitter if it's her or not?

Dani Jensen also has the same ad with the same caption but it is NOT the same as this one. There are two ads. 1) Op's necklace, no bracelet, no space between legs; and, 2) First Pic Below no necklace, yes bracelet, space between legs. They don't look like the same girls. Both saying the same words but mouth moves differently. Background is also different.

Ad 1

Ad 2
first pic below in answer #702100
Her name is dani jensen.
Anon_81nyBlS2yCYDU from Post #340373 (eight-nine posts below) claimed he worked with the lady. If he did, why didn't he specify which of the ones whose names have been tossed about was the one? And as far as "I have the raw pics of the shoot, her info, facebook account, etc. It would not be in good taste to post it on the net," "Not in good taste" would be the least of it. It would be "immoral."


I just provided a wrap-up of this mystery over here:
Where can I find this video?
4 years ago

Since there has been a lot of gobbledygook after the presentation of my Post #309313, which gives the rock-solid evidence, let's take a breather and evaluate. The above link puts it all into a nutshell.

I see a lot of recent answers have offered their declarations of who they thought the lady was... as if to say, "Here's my vote."

If you had anything valid to offer, what you needed to do was present evidence. If it was a matter of simply offering your opinion, that's what we have the "CONFIRM" button for.

I think what some of our friends are trying to do, more than just offering their opinions, is to see if they could get the bonus. That would not be honest. The way things work around here is that we READ and EVALUATE what has been offered earlier, and if someone has come up with the answer you think is the right answer, then we CONFIRM that answer.

The answer is definitely Alecia. There is now no argument, in my opinion, as the proof is as plain as day.

I have not marked a CONFIRM because I am torn. In fairness, the one who first came up with the answer should get the approval. That would be@junksadece .

He resolved the matter two years ago, in Post #60481.

The "OP" questioner, Testacleese, gave his thumbs up to the answer in his very next post, #608952. (At the time there was no "Confirm" button, but in essence, he gave his CONFIRM.)

So the winner, if the world is fair, is Junksadece. The one thing that may do him in (and this is totally at the discretion of our moderator) is that he failed to include a name tag. I don't think this is too relevant in this case because, for one thing, others have name tagged Alecia and this thread (or post, as is the preferred NTP parlance) has almost certainly shown up in Alecia's spot in our Pornstar Directory.

This is why I'm calling Junksadece (by tagging his name) to return and put the name tags in, before the moderator finally considers this case to be solved. But Junksadece has not signed in for a year, and the odds are against that.

The second contender for the prize is Thisisablogforp0rn, who gave a very impressive response in his Post #262303 about a year ago. If we focus on the technicality of the missing name tag, he would be a worthy contender for the prize, because of all the work he conducted.

It's all up to the moderator, and I don't know why this thread has not been resolved. I think it probably has to do with our all having a soft spot for this question, and no one can bear to call an end to it.


I just noticed something.

If the designation of the prize boils down to providing name tags or not, despite Thisisablogforp0rn's beautiful and thoughtful presentation, his conclusion had errors as well.

His I.D. was worded as: "It is Alicia / Alicia A / Alecia Flowers / Alecia Blue."

(I copied that series of names verbatim in my own analysis, Post ##309313, without checking. Strangely, in the rest of my post I referred to the model by her correct name, Alecia. That is how impressed I was with Thisisablogforp0rn, and just took his word for the names.)

I do not see any evidence that Alecia was also "Alicia". Some references might have misspelled her name that way because the standard spelling of the name is with the letter "I" and not "E."

"Alicia A" is not an alias for Alecia. The link that was provided as evidence, http://www.pinkfineart.com/eye-candy-avenue/alecia-a-pose-or-two/93259/, was interpreted incorrectly. The title of that page was "Alecia A Pose Or Two." That is, they gave the name of the model, Alecia, and then followed with the title, "A Pose or Two." (As we have established, there is someone else by the name of Alicia A, https://www.indexxx.com/set/125785/x-art-jenny/, who is different.)

"Alicia Flowers" is not an alias for Alecia. The link that was provided as evidence, http://www.pinkfineart.com/eye-candy-avenue/alecia-flowers-n-pillows/93260/
was interpreted incorrectly. The title of that page was "Alecia Flowers n Pillows." That is, they gave the name of the model, Alecia, and then followed with the title, "Flowers n Pillows."

"Alecia Blue" may or not be an alias for Alecia. The link that was provided as evidence, http://www.bodsforthemods.com/Siren_Cash/Eye_Candy_Avenue/Alecia_Blue/, definitely provides that moniker, but I would feel better is we had another source to support the case. Who knows, the preparer of that page could have made a mistake.

I came across another page (the only one) with "Alecia Blue": http://www.88gals.com/Siren_Cash/Eye_Candy_Avenue/Alecia_Blue_Lingerie_Stri
but it offers the exact same series of photos as the other one. So the one who prepared one page most likely took the word of the one who prepared the other page.

There is a "real" porn actress named "Alicia Blue" (http://www.iafd.com/person.rme/perfid=Xandria/gender=f/Xandria.htm). There is the possibility that whomever called our "Alecia" "Alecia Blue" was thinking of "Alicia Blue," and screwed things up.... not aware there would be such a heated discussion about Alecia one day, here at Name That Porn.

As far as I'm concerned there is one, and only one, corroborated name for our blond Please Fuck Me actress, and that is Alecia.

The answer to this question, plain and simply, is Alecia. This discovery is all the more reason for Junksadece to get chosen as the "winner" on this page. I hope the moderator will overlook the lack of name tags and choose him.

wkhan and kobb confirms this as correct.
I think her name in Jessa Rhodes.
You all probably wont believe me - but I was the model scout who hired her for the short Please Fuck Me gif. A week after the shoot she told us she wouldn't be modeling any more as she decided to quit that and start up a cleaner life. I have the raw pics of the shoot, her info, facebook account, etc. It would not be in good taste to post it on the net and to be honest you've seen her best work with the eye candy content. An easy way to identify her is that she shaves her nipples.

To see forums asking about her is surreal as I was there during the .gif shoot featured here. I really wish she would have taken the industry by storm as she is a hottie. Anyways, I hope I've helped you all and hate to report that there will not be any new content from her.
You have made a highly significant contribution, Boxxytrox!

I never investigated the actress, beyond what I knew of her appearance (i.e, what she looked like) that I first noticed with Hamster's pair of photographs below (#60990). I just assumed the names that were tossed about (especially by the knowledgeable Thisisablogforp0rn), "Alicia / Alicia A / Alecia Flowers / Alecia Blue" were one and the same.

(Yet I sensed there was something "off" when the one I knew as Alecia was not included by this single-named moniker. Readers may notice I kept referring to her as Alecia, anyway... in my "breast-examining" post below.)

Yet you have pointed out Alecia is her own special entity. (That is, "Alicia / Alicia A / Alecia Flowers / Alecia Blue" is a different actress. I looked around a little, but did not find much reference for either. The IAFD has a lot of Alicia's, but the latter three nicknames ("Alicia A / Alecia Flowers / Alecia Blue") were unknown. The IAFD has a couple of single-named Alecia's, but neither turned out to be the Eye Candy blonde.

I'm very slow with making I.D.s; I demand proof. And the breast/mole proof by the Freeones Member has provided the solution for this great mystery. (He -- "Callirea" -- has also added Alecia has a second beauty mark, "another under her breasts"... but we are lucky to barely make out a hint of the primary mole from one of the "Please Fuck Me" GIFs.)

While I was extremely impressed by Thisisablogforp0rn's amazing post below, he evidently did get the name of the actress wrong... at least by mixing her up with "Alicia / Alicia A."

(EDIT: Still looking, I found the following two not-all-too-conclusive references for, respectively, "Alecia Flowers / Alecia Blue," both connected with our Alecia:
http://www.bodsforthemods.com/Siren_Cash/Eye_Candy_Avenue/Alecia_Blue )

The bounty belongs to not only the first member who solved this mystery, but the one who also provided the correct name of the actress: Junksadece (#60481). (Note in the following post, our OP, the mighty Testacleese, sounded convinced.)

I found another link for Alicia A: https://www.indexxx.com/set/125785/x-art-jenny/ ... but there is no mention of the two remaining distinctive aliases, "Alecia Flowers / Alecia Blue" ... Could "Alecia Flowers / Alecia Blue" be somebody else? (Or could they actually be other nicknames for Eye Candy's Alecia? This is why it is always important to provide references.

(Boy, Alicia A sure looks like a very different woman. I don't know how she could have even been up for contention. The two other popular guesses, Alyssa Branch and Aiden Starr are also visibly different.)

So now that we know who our elusive actress is, the next question to my mind is, where else may Alecia have appeared? Is Eye Candy her only claim to porn fame?

I was talking about just those other two you just mentioned and yeah the one clearly is Dani Jensen, no doubt, but I'm pretty sure the other, while very similar, is a different woman than this one....although I can't be sure, they're REALLY similar.
Is there some way someone could just post to one of these lady's twitters or something and get an answer directly from the horses mouth so to say? Or maybe, is there anyway to find out what company/site these adds are for and inquire with them?
This is crazy, it's been going on for 2 years and needs a definitive resolution.
Edit: Looking at pics of Aiden again, I don't think it's her, but it's close match.
One guy here thinks it's Alyssa Branch, but there's no way:

Looking at Alecia again....yeah, I'm gonna have to throw in with Know-way and Thisisablogforp0rn and say it's Alecia
But let's get one thing straight, It's ALECIA from Eye Candy, not Alicia A, she is from Met Art and looks nothing like our lady here, her tits are way too small.
That's what kept throwing me off, I was looking at pics of the wrong girl and thinking, "no way, that's not her, she's practically flat chested"
kpupu confirms this as correct.
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