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Where can I find this video?

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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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@Kuniyoshi , if you believe the answer is Alecia, then should you not read what went on before in the page? If the same answer has already been given, do we not then move on to consider whether to "CONFIRM" or not? It's not like after someone gives an answer, we all then jump in and provide the same answer afterwards. You've been around one year, you've admirably worked your level up, and by now you know that is not the way things work around here.

(In this particular case, of course, the question does not even ask for the actress' name.)

Her name is Alecia
Hello, @speedeemon89 . (You have stopped showing up, so you will probably never read this, but...)

This is Name That Porn's immortal "BOUNTY" question:

An NTP Quest! (500 BOUNTY)
3 years ago

I do not think it will ever be marked as "Correct" over there (we have two other similar questions in the "Show Bounty Questions" page as well)... and maybe that is for sentimental reasons. This elusive "Golden Fleece" has become such a fixture on Name That Porn, it may be painful to close the book on it.

On the other hand, the answer is right there, as far as who the model/actress is. Please note my Post #309313 (that I had written 9 months ago)... the proof that the lady in question is Alecia (of "Eye Candy") is now solidly in place. (We have other monikers tossed about, including Alicia A / Alecia Flowers / Alecia Blue. "Alecia" is also A.K.A. "Alicia Blue": but she is not "Alicia Flowers", and she is definitely not "Alicia A," who is this woman: )

A Freeones contributor named Callirea succeeded with his detective work.

We know it is her, because of the mole by her right breast:

As I wrote, if we visit the the blown-up GIF of the above ad (please copy and paste to a new tab):

(I just checked, and unfortunately that image is no longer being shown as blown-up. It's just the normal-sized GIF now.)

The mole is visible. Not crystal clear visible, but it is there:

On the other hand, her identity was not your question. You wanted the video. The answer is this (I was the one who discovered the "new lady," whose name is Dani Jensen, in Post #36248 from 2 years ago --- from the "An NTP Quest! (500 BOUNTY" page linked above --- pictured below... with thanks to Moocowchicken for the side-by-side photos that he offered in one of the two other "Bounty" threads, with the URL ending in /1033-whats-the-name-of-this-pornstar.html):

You can see the porn company behind the ad hired both women for the specific purpose of their ad. (The idea behind the ad created just for their campaign, as is obvious, is "Please Fuck Me").

The answer to your question:

There is no video.

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