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Where can I find this video?

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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Not that you are checking anymore, Anon_e9SH8YPVWKiVk ... it has been a year ... but you're not going to find the video.

What you presented comes from four different sources. (How could there be four, when the above GIF flashes three images? Stay tuned.)

Before we begin, didn't you immediately notice the women in the first two images were very different?

Let's take Image 1 first...

This photo has been around at least since 2010, and has been widely circulated... usually with the notation "mature."

But she is a "civilian," having nothing to do with porn!

The poor lady works as an "Executive Consultant at Hays Recruitment Group" at an apparently British company:

(It is disgusting when porn peddlers have no morality, using images of regular women from the Internet. I just got through another horrible example, right here):
name please?
2 years ago

Moving on to Image 2...

The above is a better detailed version than the one on the GIF. Almost certainly the shot of the young lady playing with the two giggle sticks is from a porno.

And yet: notice the "matte line" between the people and the beach scene (it's especially evident by the leg of the man). Someone superimposed the two images and created a composite. (Also obvious, because that kind of action would be frowned upon out in the open.)

This is why the GIF came from not three, but four different images,

There is no way (unless the porn movie scene is recognized) that we can figure out which porno the "threesome" came from without separating the two images, and running a search on the "threesome" part. That would simply be too much trouble to do. (Besides, without the original background, we would be lucky to wind up with any relevant matches.)

As far as Image 3:

There was a ton of results for it... the photo has been very widely circulated.

Almost every result, however, was for a photograph. (Foto albums, funny captions and the like.) There were very few "tube site" results, the kind that is used on such sites for us to click on, leading to a video.

Some of the few video sites that have used this image have used it for "decorative" purposes having nothing to do with the video, as with this link:

Not to say there is no video behind this image. If there is, get in line! Seems there are quite a few people hoping to get their hands on it:

where can i find video?
2 years ago

Where can I find this video?
2 years ago

Need the VIDEO
12 months ago

(Why would anyone be drawn to a video of a generic shot of interracial sex, of faceless people, anyway? Interesting...)

I just looked at this image more carefully. It was already obvious how someone tinkered with it through Photoshop, enlarging the genitalia. I am now noticing the "matte line" from the foreground image, especially on the woman's right leg. Also pay attention to how there is no shadow underneath the lady. I am now concluding this GIF came out of five images, not four. If this is the case, it will be even harder to find the video this corrupted photo(s) came from... assuming there was a video to begin with.

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