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name please?

Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Hi@Know-way I can imagine how devastating it would be especially if she is just an ordinary member of the public all her listings should be removed and I have taken aboard your comment with greater consideration for the future.
Hi,@Lemmax7 ; I was all set to give your response a "CONFIRM," especially after I clicked on the link and noticed the other thread where you had provided the same solution three months ago... which has obviously been marked as correct.

I mean, there was the "proof"... plain as day... on one of the Imagefap links you listed to support the case. The third one of them ("Uploaded by Mebejewgoat") provided the name of Trisha Campbell.

I started to get suspicious, and then clicked on the link that appears on your post here, leading to Trisha Campbell's entry on our "Pornstar directory." Only two listings, one being your solution from three months ago...

And the other was a different lady.

Then I wanted confirmation, and everything with Trisha Campbell connected with porn (that I searched for) came up with the younger woman:

Okay... she seemed to be the genuine Trisha Campbell so far. Naturally, the "blond MILF" could also have the same name, but I wanted to be convinced.

Another thing I realized was that this lady had nothing pornographic. Look:

Everything I have come across on her makes me conclude she is a regular "civilian" who probably posted family and party pictures on her social media accounts, and big breast fanciers were so impressed that they put up her private photos in "jugs" collections, making her out to be a porno lady.

The poor woman was probably devastated, and dismantled her accounts immediately!

What about the moving GIF above? Could that have come from a video, obviously from a "porn" video..?


Here is the original...

And some artist made it move:

(Copy and Paste:)

For use in this site, it seems:

For the most part, these unethical porn peddlers have stolen her image to use as a non-moving still picture, for their ads:

Now I have certainly come across a few sites reproducing this woman's perfectly ordinary photos that have plastered Trisha Campbell on them, such as these:

... But here's what I think happened. Somebody, along the way (and these pictures of hers have been around for years by now) may have -- for whatever reason -- given her the name of the porn actress who goes by the name of Trisha Campbell (who knows, they may have chosen that name for reasons having nothing to do with the porn actress). Naturally, nobody's going to check, so that is the name we see attached to her stolen images, sometimes.

Probably someone just gave her the name of Trisha for no good reason... that is the name I see associated with the many sites that have appropriated her photographs. (Sometimes accompanied by the unflattering expression, Butterface Blond MILF. For example: Then, once she started wearing that probably fake name, someone confused her with the porn actress and added the last name of "Campbell."

Sometimes we get variations, such as Tricia...

I cannot confirm your answer. I don't think she is "Trisha Campbell," and anyone who believes that is her actual name needs to come up with the solid evidence... preferably from a source that points to this woman from the porn world (like a movie credit) or (to be more realistic) as she is in real life. (Like one of her social media pages... but probably none of them are around, at this point.)

(Something like this would be ideal:

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