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Where can I find this video or pornstar?

Pornstar name or video link?
Her name is Linda F and Cristal C in Power Slave #02
Example trailer:
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@diablo_franco yes thanks but this wasnt in the real scene. i guess.
Check this clip from Power Slave 2 - Scene 4:
Still not convinced?
thats not it... they dont wear that lingerie in power slave stuff... neither they are on tiled floor.
Her name is Linda F and Cristal C in Power Slave #02
Example trailer:
@sun84 tags
Hmm yes, I can confirm he is right, I found the torrent, downloaded and have seen this scene myself. Give that man a cookie.
Check the trailer on the official site: both girls are previewed and the scene from the shot.
thedarkone confirms this as correct.
On the video link you can read: "Linda and Cristal get fucked hard and fast in the kitchen" so that still seems fitting to me^^
@sun84 looks like same kitchen but different girl... unless she randomly puts those black panty hose on mid fuck? lol
This is Cristal C and Omar Galanti from Power Slave #2, Evil Angel dist. as far as I know. For reference:
axelcapo, dirtywhiteboy and DerpGracious confirms this as correct.
That's a nice deep slam. No one has anything?
Wow, I would surely want to know as well...
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