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Is this the real Alison Angel twitter account? AngelBunnyAA

Is this the real Alison Angel twitter account? AngelBunnyAA

This site has covered Alison Angel before. However according to this twitter account she is back and posting content. Under her old name.

Which makes no sense to me, as she quit all that stuff, got a child and moved to US.

But the pictures look very legit. Of course it may be, that someone who has access to her pictures (stolen?).

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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Why the fuck would Alison Fucking Angel, do camshows under the name of LIA19?
youre blind or something?
It's definitely her. She's doing MFC camshows now under the same name with LIA19.
she looks like eminem after botox hits
not sure if young, old, alien or clone
I call it fake!

Why would she leave the game and come back asking gift cards?

She has a husband, family and good life. She doesn't need the gift cards and other crap.

The facial structure looks off. I think on some pictures it is not even her. And some might be stolen pictures from her real social site, maybe.

This does not look like her, why does she look so young?

Also there is a little debate about it in this topic:

I have probably seen all her content, ever made. I have followed her and been a member on her site for a long time. I call bullshit on this one!

If its really her. Make a video, with her voice. No big fake eyes. And explain, why the fuck to come back? Done and done. No video = FAKE!
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