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full video

Correct answer
Blondes name is Vanessa Cage and brunette Alexis Grace
Siniestron confirms this as correct.
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I wonder why Ljimun's answer has been unapproved for one year... for this two-year-old question? Perhaps there was something wrong with it, although I don't know what. (Maybe a name tag error?) So I am going to redo this, and we'll let the chips fall where they may.

I thought perhaps the reason why this response was standing idle could have been because our questioner, Swordzzzz, asked for the "full video," and what was offered appeared to be a condensed version. But when I scanned the video, it looked complete. The only way to know for sure would be to dig up the source of the video... and that sure took a long time.

I figured this might have been a "Clips4sale" property, especially when I checked out the movies where both actresses were listed in appearing together; there was not much:

I finally found the source. (That "Clips4sale" site can be a holy terror to wade through):

As of this writing, the movie was listed eighteenth from the top, or:

"Bratty Daughter Ruins Dads Engagement With Footjob Under Table-Fiancé Unaware (MOV)," starring Vanessa Cage and Alexis Grace.

Notice the blond actress was credited as Randy Moore, but that was a mistake. (The daughter of the story is addressed as "Alexis," for one thing.)

The complete length for this movie is listed as "7 minutes," so what has been offered here is an even fuller length, at almost ten minutes. So as not to copy what has been provided here already, here is the "full video" from another source:

(I did not believe the man, played by "Kyle," for an instant, by the way; he got down on one knee to convince us he was playing the role of a guy offering a marriage proposal, and it was downhill from that point on. Alexis Grace did a good job of humoring him.)
Blondes name is Vanessa Cage and brunette Alexis Grace
Siniestron confirms this as correct.
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