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Where can I find this video?

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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Wonderful job, Anon_3e1dnJIPXRq9.

This movie is fantastic. I wanted to find out more, and it turned out to be a "Clips4sale" enterprise, entitled MILF with an Attitude. A tiny bit more information, with more downloading options:

There are three other chapters, all of which are accessible from the XHamster page that has been made available. (Double-click on the screen to get there.)

Part 1 deals with Mrs. Chase trying to talk the sleazeball out of the idea of shooting Mrs. Chase's daughter in a porn, by offering a hand job. In Part 2, she discovers her daughter's situation is still ongoing, so the ante is raised to a blowjob. In the last chapter, after taking both mother and daughter in the third chapter seen here, the sleaze visits Mrs. Chase to inform her that he filmed their sex from the last time, and the price to pay is another blowjob. This one, Chapter Three, is the best of the lot.

This is the kind of porn (dealing more with... let's call it "reality"... instead of U.S. porn that insults their viewers' intelligence, with women throwing themselves at the men) they used to shoot in porn's "Golden Age," but they don't anymore. Only the underground porn manufacturers such as Clips4Sale now do this sort of thing. (And the Clips4salr manufacturers often guard their product more vigorously; the movies are not always easy to find in pirated form.)

The producers did a great job here, and the selection of the magnificent Charlee Chase could not have been better. The fact that she is a "MILF with an attitude" is exactly what makes this so special, but my only qualm is that it would have worked better if she spoke like a real mother, and not a porn actress, with liberal use of vulgar language.

You can tell from many of the comments on the XHamster page (also comments from the XVideos page where the same Chapter Three has been featured) that viewers loved this; they sensed it had more to offer than the typical dumb porn.
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