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What video is this meme from?

What video is this meme from?

I’ve seen this meme floating around a bit and am curious to find out where it originated from.
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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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The OP's picture is faked
The face of the girl is that of Katrina Kaif
other faked pictures of her from this scene
are at the end of this webpage

which is gallery over several webpages of other fakes of her.
For genuine info see

I think I remember read her film Boom has erotic content.

The original picture is from a film/DVD called Boning the Babysitter #2 sc4 (12'53")

Also can be found on Adult Empire

From the bio's and other movies which the players have been in and their pictures it is possible to narrow her name down, but as listed on Adult Empire she has been on two DVDs and one scene that is not much help.

I have not found the scene elsewhere but it might be found on wwww.oldfartsyoungtarts.com
www.nakedonthestreets.com(I found this
picture with that logo)

You may get a good idea of what the scene contains from this

5 minute slideshow/video
kobb confirms this as correct.
Anteac confirms this as correct.
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