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name and more

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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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I 100% agree with @dub, this is not the Katie Banks listed by @Alastaire.
@Alastaire, I would say that Katie Banks profile is at least a suspicious profile: one of the few pics it claims to be hers https://twitter.com/MCFC_MEA/status/850725303156604930 is a headless crop of this pic https://thumb-p5.xhcdn.com/a/sceSI3tCMtN-ujP4SxQ7sA/000/129/660/155_1000.jp
and this other pic the profile kinda' implies to be of herself https://twitter.com/MCFC_MEA/status/856505490280415232 is also a headless crop of another pic http://www.rete8.it/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/selfieshopping1.jpg. On the other hand, the Katie Banks professional pornstar https://katiebanks.com might have some facial resemblance to this girl, but she appears much younger here than in the porn pics from 2017, and would probably show her pretty distinct mole on the cleavage if she were her
Her name is Katie Banks, she's "Internet Famous" lol but not a porn star (Yet anyway). The original of this picture was her tweeting to@MASSEFFECT about wanting on The Tempest (See Below).

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