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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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@WongTezoo Sorry, I wasn't trying to be mean to you or make you feel bad, but rather trying to help you level up. By answering questions in the right format, your answers will be marked as correct much sooner. Sometime even the moderator will mark it as correct instead of the original poster.

I am thankful that you answered my question and really appreciate it. It just wasn't formatted correctly. When you use tags for actress name or title, it saves onto this site database. Therefore, the future users can use the search function to search the exact actress and video. The actress name will turn pink or gray (if actress not in database yet) when tagged properly and the title will be gray. I'm not trying to be annoying, it just the way this site works. I hope you understand.

The jav dvd id is equivalent to a title of the video because it identifies the video. It usually consist of 3-4 letters followed by 3 numbers. If you search the dvd id on google, you will find streaming video links 95% of the time. There are many sites that offer streaming for jav videos, for example, javdoe.com, javfor.me, jav.guru, javjack.com, and many more.

All I did was search "arm-139 jav" on google and I was able to find a streaming link. I have put the answers in correct format with the streaming link below. You can copy and paste that to your post and your answer will be marked as correct. Again, your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for spending time on answering my question and your understanding.

Erika Hiramatsu in ARM-139



the last thing,officially this clip didnt have a title,for a fetish porn studio,they finished a scene,combine with other 3 or 4 scene to DVD,then sell……if you saw any title on internet,that must be make up by the uploader

the whole DVD has a title:パンティーラインが浮き出るほどのタイトミニに包まれた奥さんの淫らなケツとトロけるほど気持ち良い腿コキ

translate into English may like this:Wife's big evil butt in a tight mini skirt and her legs make you happy
Arzon.jp didnt ban other countries IP adresses,so I didnt understand what you mean invalid link?if you mean the age check on the first time load into this site,click the left button which with a star logo

this site need changes some rules,not every video you request has a full video stream on internet!especially JAV censored,AROMA isnt a very big studio in Japan,we download their videos for free only via torrents or Magnets(or some JAV post site,but they dont post all of them),Or If you wanna pay for the legal copy,you can go their official site or DMM.co.jp,how ever,DMM banned all the IP addresses outside Japan,not to mention you can understand Japanese

Data18.com maybe the best site for western AV!but you cant find JAV censored on it,as an info site,Arzon.jp is the best choice to instead DMM.co.jp,just like data18 to western AV

English is not my native language,hope you can understand
what I mean,I came to this site,answer the question,didnt expect it will bring me such a problem which makes me to explain,I'd rather I didnt answer this question.
@WongTezoo Your answer is not formatted correctly. Since you're new to this site I suggest you read this on how to answer questions with correct tags:

I will mark your answer as correct after you use the correct tags (straight brackets for actress name and squiggly brackets for video title in this case ARM-139)

Secondly, your link is invalid and should be a streaming link. You should read this help guide before using this site:
her name is 平松 恵理香
this video is a clip of ARM-139 which produced by Japanese Porn Studio AROMA

heres info:

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