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What's the name of this model?

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Oh my bad. I have been very high past few days. And nobody is accepting the answers, its getting frustrating. I thought you were the OP. You know, one of those guys, who don't edit the title and ask for the name, but really they want the video. We of course try to provide as much as information as possible next to the name. But for this one, even I couldn't find any media file.
Me asking for the video is not the OP.
There is always a captain out there somewhere who could recognise this part exactly.
But the question is What's the name of this model? If you simply wanted the video, why didn't you write you want the video ? :/

The video is very hard to find at this point. Because she has only cut scenes in the web. And this is some bigger scene starting point, which usually don't end up in the shorter web versions. And this is probably like less then a second long in that scene..
But could you name that video?
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