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Looking for a "similar" video

Since I'm unable to post text questions, I posted this video.

My question is a text one, since I can't find the video anymore.
The video was set in a vintage style, and they spoke French.
It started with a guy and a brunette in an elevator, with the guy making sure they went to the basement, level -1. When they arrived, he manhandled her out of the elevator, and pushed her against a wall, and fucked her from behind.
After a while a random blonde women is there too, encouraging the guy, in French still.
I believe I used to find it by typing vintage brunette, but I don't anymore.
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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Oh my god, that's the video!
Thank you so much!
I have no idea how you found it.
Conny Hundt aka Britta Stine
from Le Secret d' Elise (Elise's Secret)
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