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LAZY Users Who REFUSE to Accept RIGHT Answers (Solutions)

LAZY Users Who REFUSE to Accept RIGHT Answers (Solutions)

Recently some people have noticed that the "confirm bus" has been arriving less and less frequently as of late. This is frustrating, but the Mods have a life outside NTP, and it can be a daunting task to check every post, confirm the answers are correct, and then accept them as correct. This is where users with the ability to accept answers come in, because by doing that they take a huge load off of the Mod's shoulders, and then we won't have to wait for the confirm bus to arrive like a crackhead waits for his dealer to arrive. lol But for some reason, there has been a increasing number of users who just REFUSE to accept correct answers. Even if you give the pornstar names, the video name, and the full video, your answer will just sit there with 5+ confirms for weeks and sometimes even months on end. Here are just a HANDFUL of posts that I have answered 100% correctly, but as of the moment I make this thread, the user still simply ignores it:

What's the name of this porn actor?
3 years ago
Where can I find this video?
1 year ago
What's the name of this porn star?
12 months ago
What's the name of this porn actor?
2 years ago

And I have a lot more, believe me. Those are just the more recent ones. And I'd like to think that I gave the OP everything he was looking for in those answers, (names, full scenes, full movies, etc.) but even if I didn't, then why not simply EXPLAIN what more they need to accept the answer? That way, I can give them it, and the thread can be closed. Because open posts like this kill our solved ratio, which is why it's now down to 47%, when it was at 50% less than a year ago. So what can be done about this? Well this is my possible solution for the Mods to take into consideration, but feel free to post yours below if you have a better one:

What if after someone posts an answer for an OP, and someone confirms it to be correct, the OP now has 7 days to either accept the answer, or explain why it's incorrect. If the OP does neither and the time expires, then the post is automatically marked as correct, and the user with the confirmed answer gets the points. This solves 2 problems at the same time:

1. It forces OP's to come online at least once per week, so they can make sure their questions aren't automatically mark as solved. I've answered too many posts from OP's who haven't been on in months, so my answer just sits there collecting dust.

2. It forces OP's to give a detailed reason why they won't accept the confirmed answer as correct.

I think if we had this policy, our solved ratio would shoot up dramatically, and more people would be awarded the points that they deserve.

Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Just give some high level users the ability to mark answers as correct... Should not be a big deal and would help us all.
@NinNin How did he do it? Just look at his profile. The man doesn't sleep. He never goes more that a couple of hours without posting a comment here. He must not be human.
Sometime in the last 24 hours @axelcapo became the first user to hit Level 152, surpassing longtime leader @potro ! Tell us how you did it ;)

You make some good points. The majority of OP's who ask questions have very low levels, but since many aren't level 5, they wouldn't be able to accept the answer anyway. So if an OP has the ability to accept, then I think that increases the chances getting more points might entice them. But it's true that If an OP gets the same amount of points for accepting an answer, he might want to wait and let those points accumulate to get more bang for his buck. But for this plan of his to work, he would have to be very, (and I do mean very), patient. For example, he would have to wait well over 3 years for the post to be worth just 1,000 points. So if gaining points is his goal, then it would be much more timely and beneficial to accept five 200pt answers in a single day than it would to wait the 3 years on a single post. As for OP's losing interest in 100-500pt posts, that would mean the question was asked about 6-12 months ago, so I would hope the OP would have a little more faith that his post will be answered eventually. I've now been here for 1 year, and I'm such a patient bastard that I haven't lost any interest in questions I posted even 1 year ago ;) lol
@WorldsBestPorn I was going to suggest a more modest 10 points for an OP to accept an answer. I don’t mean to squelch your suggestion but, first, if an OP receives the same amount of points that the post is worth, what incentivizes him to accept the answer in a timely manner? Second, by the time a post is worth 100 or 500 points, the OP has probably lost interest in his question. Also, users who mostly post questions don't seem to care about points and many never reach Level 5.
Right now, we only get 2 points for accepting an answer. That's hardly an incentive to accept them at a frequent pace, so here's my new suggestion. What if we got the same amount of points for accepting the answer that the person who answered it got for answering it? Meaning if a post is worth 500pts, then we would get 500pts for accepting the correct answer. I'm sure no user, (not even a lazy one), would let 500pts just sit there unclaimed if all they had to do was accept an answer to get it.
1. Love @giovanirock 's suggestion.
2. I was also thinking, if an answer to a post receives 5+ confirms, said answer automatically becomes correct.
3. Feature request. Every time an answer receives a confirm, the user receives a point. I think this will surely motivate new users to not only post correct answers, but too, properly formatted ones.

These are all great suggestions, so hopefully the mods will read this thread, and use one or more to solve the problem.
Good luck with this. I literally have hundreds of unconfirmed answers. I've spent a good chunk of time helping these 'Anonymous trolls' and those on low levels, and for what? It's just a waste of my time. As a consequence I've rarely logged in this past year. Hopefully for want of a better word...this'll get solved!
We all see posts that are clearly correct constantly that just sit there for months. It wouldn't take long for a few high-level users to clean out most of these just from random browsing of the site.

Level 100 seems awfully high, though. How many users can there be above 100? I think if you've reached a level much lower than that, say 50 or 75, you've already proven your dedication to the site and it's purpose. I don't think anyone at that level would mark an answer "correct" that wasn't.

On that note, what about a lifetime leader board that shows everyone's standing? If that's too daunting, what about a Top 100? Top 50? I'm curious to see just who has the highest level and where the rest of us rank compared to them. If anyone out there ranks higher than @axelcapo I'll be shocked. He (or she) is a beast!
The mods could choose some users with high level to help them in this task. For example, a user with a level above 100 could correctly mark the responses of other users. Or They could open a poll to choose who could be.
Sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian and I have a little difficulty expressing myself in English.
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