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Blonde and brunette lesbians

Blonde and brunette lesbians

Seen this video on two different sites. One was dailymotion but the user took it down. Cannot remember the other site :/ Any help is appreciated and I will definitely mark as correct if it is:) I've been searching for it for ages! The name of the vid on dailymotion was "two models making out" if that helps. The video was about 8 minute in length on dailymotion. I have no idea of the length of the full video.

I think it starts with the one on the left sitting down with a newspaper and she looks at the other one. I think she says something to her in german and then she gets her against the wall amd starts licking her face. The brunette tries to move away but she stops her. After a minute or so, they bith start kissing. Towards the end of the 8 minute clip, she stars on the brunettes ass.
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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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The other site was pornhub im pretty sure
Names would also help :)
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