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Where can I find this video?

Where can I find this video?

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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Besides..... He Wants Video, he doesn't Even Care WHAT her Name is
Well then Claim the Goddam post.... just so You KNOW, I could've done that Yesterday,.............. I was Only TRYIN to be NICE about it, Nobody said a Goddam thing About it for a YEAR until i said something.... NOW I'm the Bad Guy????? I really Don't Give a F*CK, YOU NEED the Points.... Oh, but Wait...I just Confirmed him because I KNOW HE WAS CORRECT, way before U got involved, despite his lack of Proof , that's really ALL I wanted to see.... Sorry but I think that's the Right thing to do, I would stand up for You too, if reversed
1. I was giving the newbie a chance
2. Nobody here said it's a competition. You help others to find stuff and you get points for it. That's it
3. I think if you want to complain and frustrate yourself this is not the right place
4. If you got more interesting things to do well that's great nobody keeps you from staying here. Do what you want
He was here 2 Months ago, but Nobody Mentioned it, or HELPED.... I would give him a chance before turning a Newbie away Forever, I could care less about the points, not Everybody spends Every Waking Moment of their Empty Life here..... like Ax3lC4po.... 170,000 points in a Week, Are U Fk'n Kiddin Me?.... I'm gettin Totally Tired of the competition, for WHAT? .... NOTHING.... I got better things to do too
@StraightWhiteMale this means nothing he can enter this site any time and when he'll do so he will edit the comment and get the points.
If this won't happen now it will in a couple of months
You guys realize he made that comment a year ago right?
@hlenhart I hope he's fast enough to edit it before someone else does
@Anxiousexy - I Found that link 19 Hours ago...I didn't want to make it THAT EASY, Somebody Might Steal It, LOL..... Whatever, Dog Eat Dog I guess
@alex222111222 - You're correct, but U need some kinda proof & say there's NO Video
Her name is Tatyana Cherginskaya
tetateta confirms this as correct.
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