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Help identifying a late 90s movie

Help identifying a late 90s movie

Hello all,

First of all, the picture is not from the video I'm looking for, it's just a reference.

I need help identifying a late 90s movie. I don't remember the title or any actresses names, so it might be a long quest!

Here's what I remember :

There was no plot in the movie, but one of the actress was playing a dominant sex counselor or therapist or something like that to help people or couples satisfy their desires. (I'm not 100% sure, but I think the title was based on that fact)

The movie contained a couple fetishes, but most of it was usual stuff.

First scene was a lesbian scene with a dominant actress (long hair kind of like Cytherea I would say - see thread picture) and a blonde actress with long hair. I remember the dominant girl was telling the blonde girl what to do, there was an a2m part with a butt plug attached to a string. Latter in that same scene the blonde girl was wearing a diaper and was in doggy style on a table and the dominant girl was asking her if she peed in her diaper, and she was telling her : "Don't lie to me, don't f#%*#$@ lie to me!"
Then there was a couple seconds where you were seeing the girl pee in a bath (closeup), but it was censored with the same technique they use in Japanese porn movies. It was blurred.

Then in another scene, I remember the dominant girl was dropping wax from a candle on another actress. Then in the same scene, they had a threesome with the husband and that other girl (girls in 69, and a2m)

The movie dates back from the end of the nineties, and certainly before 2000 before I remember watching it in 1999.

I saw the dominant actress in other movies as well (in which she wasn't so dominant), I just can't remember her name.

Thank you to everyone for helping me find that 90s movie. I spent so much time looking at 90s porn movies and porn actresses lists that now I feel I need to find it :-)
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I know it's not the video. But this is one of her best works

Her name is Cytherea . Scene name: MILF likes big black dicks too .

Her name is Cytherea . Scene name: MILF likes big black dicks too .
Her name is Cytherea,
Soz don't know the title
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