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Where can I find this video?

Correct answer
wonkyeye5 confirms this as correct.
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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wonkyeye5 confirms this as correct.
Also I wanted to add I guess it's a question of would you be comfortable knowing you had a nice fap to a rape gif (assuming you found out later ect)
Yep, this is scoring pretty high on that "What a weird godamn thread" list on both of your responses. Either way I think the fact remains is that we just don't know.
I thought about what I did and it's very serious. I first present my apologies to the NameThatPorn.com employees, customers, owner(s)/investor(s), the governance team, the tech team, and the biz dev peeps. To all, if the foregoing categories didn't catch everyone.

It's serious because the real world equivalent would be being carried away by the cops for sitting or loitering right by the door of a Starbucks shop and claiming Blenz Coffee is better, disrupting their customers and business effort.

Now, on the matter of being able to edit. In my third comment I ended up with I can't even claim this is coercion happening. The better thing is to avoid posting from these sources. The former sentence contradicts my first post which is a CLAIM (that it is "clearly abuse from my understanding of Physics"). I'm not dumb enough to contradict myself, so I wished at that point to have had the capability to edit. Regarding EDITS, I hope my solved posts are marked as such so I eventually get to have this ability.

The latter sentence is just me being an idiot. But a hopeless one since I knew, just one statement before, that the lack of edit was hopeless.

Finally, my second post mentioning Guantanamo I knew the tone was going to get the wrong reaction. Not the Guantanamo mention but the seemingly pedantic lecturing tone. This is why I don't send e-mails to strangers anymore. I record a video and send. You can only do so much with text.

The silver lining--actually, that's a whiny way to approach it! The good thing is if I had the ability to EDIT, I would not have witnessed the grace of some members of this community. We are all irreversibly indebted to communities and organizations wherein we orchestrate our personal growth. An individual ostracized from all existing instances of these would die. I was just reading organizational psychology today--because I knew I messed up last night.

Regarding dying, I am fixing my high blood pressure this week. Because judging by the spike in my activity here, it would seem I have no life.


You are right. I regret for having posted that comment because I am not articulate. Since a well articulated argument is not to be posted on individual posts but threads, it was the wrong thing to do.

But I could neither edit nor delete it.
Chortlingmike, wee (and by wee I meen the people who use thise site) are juste looking to have a bit of fun and good time, so why on earth are you talking about Guantanamo and all ? Don't get me rong, you have the right to express yourself, your opinion is as good as my, but I just don't think that this is the best place to express it. You want to go on a crusade against porn, be my gest, but go do it somewear other than on a porn site where people are juste looking for a bit of good time.

If this video was posted, it means that this girl was consentent, or it would have been brought down. It wasn't, so i assume she was okay with it. Yes I assume becaouse I didn't ask, just like youy assume to she didn't wanted it.

Finaly, mabe violent throat sexe is how she gets her pleasur. I've seen way worst on internet, believe me (just such for bdsm, sex slave, or anything like that) so juste let us do watherver wee want with are money and asses, and we'll do the same with you.
Besides, these stylized (black & white, sometimes with other filters) pictures indicate the source: a basement dweller's curated collection on Tumblr. Toxic minds hide there much like in 4chan.

I can't even claim this is coercion happening. The better thing is to avoid posting from these sources.
"eh, it really is only like 2 seconds"

What they say in Guantanamo. Do you imperial units guys really know how long 2 seconds is?! A 200ms event with my heart shocks me, or anybody. Two seconds is ten times that.

This scene (MFM threesome, missionary + edge deepthroat) would be hot if not for these coercive bullies. Extreme porn should be buried.
eh, it really is only like 2 seconds

Clearly abuse. From my understanding of Physics the gagging on the right is not deliberate enough to be called "controlled".
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