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Conflicting answers

Conflicting answers

Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Every single thread/post at this link.. is incorrect

Lot of miss naming on this model, who remains to be unknown. Seems to be a guessing syndrome. It's better not to answer than to guess because it ~could~ be. I think most of the problem is since it was labeled correct once, everyone just assumes its correct with no proof and even link it to other previous posts of the same scene

Not Evelyn Lory (mostly a high end nude glamour model - She for sure hasn't been on any hardcore websites like bangbros/xxxpawn). Her face doesn't match either.

This isn't proof of name.

This is only proof of site source being xxxpawn.com/bangbrosnetwork

no name is better than wrong name

This is one of those cases where a user makes a guess without a shred of evidence, it is accepted as the correct answer, then other users cite it as their reference in order to score points.

What's the name of this porn actor?
3 years ago

Belle Sparkles AKA Sophia Steele
Where can I find this video?
3 years ago
Any idea of who she is?
9 months ago
Who is she?
2 years ago

People are getting confused with Remy Lacroix because she has a scene/gif
with a hulahoop with a similar bathing suit. But her face and ass are completely
different as so is the background. There motions are totally different as Lemy is more in motion and fluid.

This is Remy Lacroix
Where can I find this video?
2 years ago
Notice she doesn't have the ass with the tan lines and face/hair is different
giovanirock confirms this as correct.
@Tvv1zt3dTh0ughtZ Nice work! When I encounter an incorrect answer, especially if I was incorrect, I submit the correct answer and flag the original post. I recommend that you do the same so that you receive the points you deserve as well as help the community.

For future reference, attaching punctuation to the end of a username will not alert the user to a post, e.g., @NinNin, vs. @NinNin ,
@NinNin, i believe these threads
What's the name of this porn actor?
2 years ago
are a cam model who also use to post pictures to message boards like 4chan. I can't find the exact picture but there is the GIF @

near the mid-bottom on page. There are also similiar photos of her wearing the same type of shirts. Ex:

Here lots of photos for research

This would also explain why most of her pics aren't in a set like a paid porn site there mostly selfies or cam shots. I'm not 100% sure, but its the only logical answer i can come up with.
@NinNin woops, nope i don't know who she is. Disregard my previous comment
@NinNin , yea she Is notGingerpuss / Puddems / Laura Cross I know that for a fact
@NinNin Don will check this shortly, I'll let him know.
@Anon_63gmFEGYUhsWw Thank you for your reply, but to me the links are inconclusive if they work at all. I was going to confirm the answer by @PornAddicted in the following post (which has already been marked as correct) when I found that there is no evidence at all that the pornstar is May Dutheil / Famimao. This is really a matter for the moderators and @Operator to address.

What's the name of this porn star?
1 year ago
Hey Settembrini - most of the ppl that are getting the names wrong, are just guessing.
They are not providing a link to the model/site/scene ect. I would just ignore there answers.

392013 - it's not Jada Stevens, but is it Zuzana??
There is only one website that links to that picture, and its a review site.
There is nothing on Wicked.com site about this model (just a name)
I'm not sure its Zuzana but it's most definitely NOT Jada
390351 - wehee is right - its Ava Rose - the video was right/matched
391696 - after looking at pics/videos of each im very sure the model is Excentrique/Afrodita
They both have similiar asses from certain angles.. There faces are different and i think
Excentrique's ass is a little bigger/thicker
Thank you very much!
388848 - agree with wehee - it's Reena Sky and here's most of the video for proof (exept very end)

387904 - would be Saphire Rae there was proof with the video..
387527 - is Maria Iordan (with an i not a L) she has a facebook page

387059 - seems that model has three correct names Yurino Hana, Noela Imakon & Lily Flower
387062 - is Toni Sweets - the video matches the gif at 9:30-9:38 (both models have similar tattoos above there ass
Toni Sweets tattoo

Roxy Reinolds/Reynolds tattoo
That does not look like Eva Notty; her breasts are not big enough
I'm guessing they have more than 1 names
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