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who is she?

who is she?

Any more pics/vids?
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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Yeah, it looks like it's Anna Morgan like@VLOMEL said, but I can't find any of her work. All I could find is the thing about her WOW tattoo. My best guess is she does not perform under that name.
I kind of question that whole WOW tattoo story.
This is the website of the company that allegedly contracted her for the tattoo:
Seems a bit sketchy, right? Then again, they ARE WoW gold miners/re-sellers and they HAVE been accused on numerous occasions of running gold scams.
Looking up "Anna Morgan Russian Porn" found this image, which looks like it could be her: &exph=400&expw=260&q=Anna+Morgan+russian+porn&simid=607999579758790689&selectedIndex=9
but the site that pic is from is no longer online.
I ran a reverse image search and found this:

If that IS her, and I am not 100% certain it is, then her performance name is Morgan.
HOWEVER....I reverse image searched the original picture from the article and I found the exact same image on several stock image sites:

I think the whole story was some sort of bogus PR move by the My MMO Shop scammers.
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Her name is Anna Morgan
But I can't found your video...
She is Russian
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