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Where can I find this video?

Where can I find this video?

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I've been away for months, and I've noticed there are many solutions I had provided that have still not been approved.

Notice the question: "Where can I find this video?"

Now notice the answer I had provided (at this point) seven months ago, and notice how the question had been answered.

Now notice (at this point) "9 days ago" NinNin completely bypassed the information that was already provided, and came up with a second source for the video.

Now also notice how Dicklongwood completely bypassed the information that was already provided and confirmed NinNin's answer, and then NinNin's answer was approved.

This is simply not right.

I'll be riding on Axelcapo's coattails here... as he revealed, the lady appears to be Blue Angel (A.K.A. Leila ), and the fellow is definitely Markus Dupree, appearing in SexArt's Do What I Want.

All links were gone as I went on the hunt. Finally, I found a live one; three Keep2Share links at 400 MB, 400 MB and 163 MB:

I see Member Malavurans came up with an excellent guess of his own, below; but I noticed at the 10 minute mark of his video that he was mistaken, because Alexis Adams from The Masseuse is wearing big hoop earrings.

As you may see, however, I thought his guess was a strong contender, because of the green in the background. The photo above has a little green as well. I don't see green in the thumbs for "Do As I Want."

For that matter, I do not see a repeat of the pose from the photo above. (Where he is reclining at bottom.) Then again, thumbs do not always capture every movie moment. On the other hand, the thumbs above are detailed, and the movie is only 26 minutes long.

The thumbs are from where there is a nice synopsis as well. There is also a photo:

See, Markus (note his name is spelled as "Marcus") is reclining. Go figure... on the other hand, this photo may not be a part of the movie, but taken as part of the "cover art." (For that matter, the photo we see at the top of this page could also have been taken for publicity purposes.)

I believe Axelcapo probably came up with the correct solution; as a back-up, I wondered if the two performers may have appeared in another movie, but it does not look like it:

Blue Angel & Markus Dupree - Do What I Want
Alexis Adams?
Lexis Adams?
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