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Does Angie Verona have any nude pictures?

Does Angie Verona have any nude pictures?

So the internet is going wild over Angie Verona, with arguing, if she has or not. So is it her or not? Lets find out!
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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Damn that long
Possible (or possibly fake) nude pictures of Angie Varona:
PmMeGifsForSauce, LuLo, dicklongwood and XoXo confirms this as correct.
Well interesting..

@anon_45xyCtVnr1vOI posted a picture.. Which we can confirm, if we can match that necklaces show here:

So here is a picture with something:

And here is something very shiny in the center:

And this is her favorite necklace, because she has alot of pics with it:

And here is a video with the same necklaces.. So is it the same necklace and you have the final confirmation!

Getting more interesting.

So what now? Lips, mouth looks the same.. So we have to find that top, which is her style, so gonna be interesting. But its a top, that looks cool, so I think she might have a twitter or instagram picture, where she has it. Find the top, and its confirmed as SHIT!

Lets turn on the coding editor

Ok, lets try to write a custom code to download all her images from instagram:

Omfg.. 3600 images... Ok, we need to mass download them using some chrome extension and then write some local crap to match near similar images.. Hey! Might get lucky.. But generally, I need some code, that can find that top!

Actually question is really, that why is the nude picture so shitty quality? She makes her pictures with a phone. So this is made with a phone too. Why so shit quality?

EXIF doesn't tell me shit either..

Starting to believe, its not her... But still downloading her crap from IG.

So.. here is her IG dump:

And here is list to images source files:

Now lets make some code, to find that top.

...parsed trhough all the images. My eyes are bleeding.. She likes puppies, smokes an e-cig and makes pictures of all her clothes, sometimes in the store, before buying.. then once again at home, and then at some event.

So I can see she likes does pointy things on her clothes:

And a similar scenario:

And only thing that was remotely nude was this:

(i dont think its her)


It is plausible, because the top is her style. Some of the images are low quality, most likely due to different platform (like iPad in the dark). Necklaces looks remotely similar and jawline is similar too.
However, no confirm on this one, as didn't find the top... and she makes pictures of EVERYTHING... so personally, I even say, its CONFIRMED that its not her.
the supposed topless pic. Only one I know of. Google her though, there is still plenty to fap to.
TheLastRider confirms this as correct.
Her name is Angie Verona and i'm not sure if she sends any nudes
She is Angie Verona and no nudes. One supposedly on reddit but can't see face.
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