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Smash Game

Smash Game

Hello guys,

I was developing/testing new features for NTP one day and created this smashing "game" in the process. The objective is simple, click on the picture you like the most. Ultimately, a statistic is generated of most hits gotten pics.

NB! Every registered user who has "smashed" at least 15 times, will partipicate in random draw for +500 points!

Also this is a very addictive way to find more new undiscovered content as all posts come randomly (solved and unsolved together).

I personally have found its a very fun way to past the time, if you are not doing anything smart anyways :)

Check it out and let me know what you think, as I didn't plan to publish it at first.. but maybe you will like it.

PS: Don't forget to flag, if you spot something not acceptable
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Delete cache and try again. There were updates there, but no version control on assets.
The page isn't loading for me it's just links.
The smash game seems to be out of service, it won't load any pictures.
You can click on Smash Game on top left corner for skip.
so here i am addicted again :|
Would you also consider if there will be a skip button, in case we don't want to favor one over the other on some picks?

And by the way, this is a great idea, I love it, thank you!
We will use @DayNnite idea and take every smash under vote, so not just only 1 day.

@McTesticles I originally called it smashthatporn. But glad that the BETA somewhat works.

We are monitoring the usage at the moment and if it works for everybody, then hopefully we'll overhaul the design part.

Personally I hope that we can do more past-time activities like trivia games and etc.

fuck you boss, im addicted to this game now lol
A predictable question - who's the girl on the right in the picture above?

P.S. A nice idea, to make it even better you can make some design tweaks (like making that gray background a little less gray, making the panel with controls below the pictures more prominent - just my opinion though)

P.P.S. Oh, and what about changing the name to something more classy, like "RateThatPornstar" or "SmashThatPornstar"?
Are you going to add gifs?
I think for every 15 smash, a user gets one place in the draw pool. For example, making 90 smash gets you 6 times of your name, so the more you smash, the likely you get the 500 points price.
this is so nice :D
As there was too much random posts, I have nerffed the algorithm down a bit:

1) Cant be in the trash bin
2) Cant be a thread
3) More then 500 views
4) More then 1 followings
5) More then 0 favorites
6) Cant have flags
7) Must have more then 0 upvotes
8) Must have 0 downvotes

Lets see if this is more fun and has better quality on content. Don't forget to give some feedback
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