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Punish Tube Girl!

Punish Tube Girl!

We've all seen her in Punish Tube's omipresent ad. When she rolled her eyes up in presumed ecstasy, she had my curiosity piqued.

Here is another view:

So who do you suppose she is, and what porn is it from? But you knew those would be the questions...

Correct answer
Megan Vale aka Francheska
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Thats how I like it!!
You can see a lot of Punishtube videos here -
So is this question answered`?
Thank you very much, Tai_man; I also appreciated your digging up of the scene, as well.

(The second photo I provided now turns out to be from a different video.)

Although the terrific intensity of the few seconds extracted by Punish Tube is understandably not maintained, there is some nice heat generated here; I see a commenter from VideoBox opines: "Jesus. This is one of the hottest scenes I've ever watched. And I've watched a lot of porn."

The actress, Megan Vale, certainly puts her heart into her work. (Are nice little Russian girls also so tattooed up, these days?)

Looks like she may have retired last year:

Megan Vale aka Francheska
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