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Who Is She ?

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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Hello, Jayrising; I see you have become a master here on Name That Porn, with your "100" level... and far be it for me to advise you, but did you not investigate the reasons why I wrote two years ago why this lady is, in all likelihood, not Demi Dean?

As I wrote, Demi is a Briton, and the lady in the video is most likely an American based on the accent we can pick up. I see a bit more of a similarity now than I did back then, but then there are likenesses of her that look pretty different, as this main one from her site (

As far as another clue, while it is hard to tell from the quality of the video, the photo above and the description on this page ( tell us her eye color is "green," and yet the lady in the video probably is brown-eyed.

Hi, Bangjacksparw; you pointed to my answer from long ago, but I was making fun of the Jodi West claim Xvideos had once made (which they later removed); notice I included a portrait of Ms. West to provide the notion her face is nothing like our charming mystery lady in the striped shirt.
Someone (monikered Brucewang187) wrote "Demi Dean" in the comments section of this duplicate Xvideos page:

And our anonymous friend below simply took his word for it.

(Which is a reminder that when someone presents just a name without supplying evidence, we should always be skeptical.)

Here is Demi:

Not only does she look different, but she's British. The sexy woman from above (judging by the few words she manages to grunt out) is an American.

Here is the best answer to this question, so far:

What's the name of this pornstar?
4 years ago

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