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Where can I find this video?

Where can I find this video?

Hello all, desperately hoping anyone can help me find a certain video. It was really simple, but it's one of my favorites. I had it saved to my laptop, but lost it when I had to replace the hard drive.

It starts off with a blonde girl named Haley out shopping, clothing racks set up but outside, her friend "John" is filming her. She is wearing a black tube top and white mini skirt and flip flops. When they go to leave they find a girl sitting outside eating lunch. She says her name is "Fran". Haley and John chat her up and convince her to come back to their studio. Fran is also blonde, but a darker shade. She's wearing a sleeveless top, jeans and flip flops.

Now all three are at the studio. The girls are on the couch chatting and Haley starts trying to kiss Fran. Fran is reluctant at first but Haley and John convince her it's ok. Fran gives in and enjoys the kissing. Haley then starts trying to lift frans shirt but Fran stops her. Once again Haley and John try to convince her. She still says no, so Haley offers to take her top off, and Fran says ok.

Haley is now topless and making Fran touch her breasts. Haley again tries to take off Fran's top and this time Fran lets her. She also removes frans bra after more convincing. She then starts caressing Fran's breasts and getting her own caressed in turn. More kissing and fondling. Haley takes off her skirt and makes Fran lay down on the couch so she can be on top of her, and begins to undo frans belt. Fran asks what she's doing, John asks as well, Haley responds, "I'm having fun", and removes Fran's jeans. More kissing and light petting, before Haley removes Fran's panties and begins pleasuring her. Though at first and through most of the early play, Fran keeps saying "I can't believe I'm doing this"

It was a simple background, white walls, dark green couch. And if it's noteworthy, "Fran" had rather large areola. I found this video originally randomly after a search session online, and it was the first video I ever downloaded. I chanced upon it in January of 2010, so it's a few years old, but I'd greatly appreciate any help finding it. Again it was simple, but as my first download, it's a bit special to me.
Correct answer
Found it on my own ironically. It's Brea Bennett and Haley Jade from Boyfriend Films.
T0rtilla confirms this as correct.
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You never forget your first - clearly!
Found it on my own ironically. It's Brea Bennett and Haley Jade from Boyfriend Films.
T0rtilla confirms this as correct.
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