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where can i find hd full movie?

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I know you are looking for the full video; you said so right in your title, to which I commented, "Never mind the 'HD,' you would be lucky to get any version of this movie." Before we can hunt for the video, we have to know what we are hunting for. This is why we are trying to get straight the identifying details, such as the title and the actors.

To repeat myself, there is a commenter on the xHamster source page (Forestdac) who confidently offered the now-deleted "full movie link" four years ago. If he was correct, the title of the movie was "The Kama Sutra Rituals of Lovemaking"; however, this is different than the uploader's title for the video, "Kamasutra-The Art Of Love," Without the correct title, we are going to be at a loss before the movie can be hunted down. As I wrote, there are a lot of pornos with "Kama Sutra" in their titles.

To help us find the title, a good lead would be identifying the stars. Thank you for crediting me with Madison Stone, but I actually wrote I did not think so, "As Ms. Stone is a 'plump' actress."

Six years ago, another Source page commenter (Miklos) opined about our "Kama Sutra" lady: "Nice firm tits!!" We could see how her perky breasts are standing out in the frame grab I provided in my first post. (Unless you are referring to a different Madison Stone.)

Are you sure the male actor is Mark Davis?

I know him best from his time at KINK, when he was bald and husky. (One more reason why the Madison Stone we have been referring to could not have been the actress is because in the years she was active, 2010-2011, Mark Davis had no hair.)

Here he is, from his "hunky" days, in 1995's Ashlyn Rising ( next-to-last scene):

Here is our guy:

Have to say, he does bear a resemblance.

I have now investigated the link of the "other" Madison Stone that I had provided in my earlier post, and she turned out to be:

Perhaps more popularly known as, simply, Madison.

And look! She was in a movie called Kama Sutra (1992)
(Also Known As "Legend of Kama Sutra")

Screen shots:

Other screen shots, and working download:

Fill-length stream:

(From the very beginning, we may see it is actually "Also Known As" "The Legends of the Kama Sutra"... which is a little different than what the IAFD had reported.)

Okay. Unfortunately, this is not the movie.

Madison appears in a threesome toward the end (or "Scene 4," as the IAFD tells us), with Ashley Nicole and Don Fernando.

But all is not lost. When I Googled, I found the full-length version of our scene:

(See the matching set at around the eleven-minute mark.)

So what is going on here? A little more Googling, and here was a discussion about this very movie:

Luckily, it included screen shots...

Fortunately, the last panel captured a screen credit! The art director was Emma Harrison, which led to:

The name of the "German" movie is:

Kama Sutra 2 (1993), a 43 minute "Documentary" Short, starring Madison and Stephen Scott.

Turns out you were correct; the male actor's name is an alias for Mark Davis. (And he was at the height of his prowess at the time, as the strapping twenty-eight-year-old lad he used to be.)

We may see from the screen shots (that the uploader claims he got directly from the DVD) that the movie has an actual running time of 39:41, and not 43 minutes, as the IMDb has it. The Xvideos version that you now may turn to is shorter, at 32:31 minutes. (I guess the uncut version would be more "pornographic"?)... but this is probably as good as you are going to find for free, over the Internet. Especially for an obscure short movie that is a quarter-of-a-century old.


After I was done, I Googled "Kama Sutra Madison Mark Davis" and came upon this full (at 43 minutes!!) version:

I was curious about how you were aware of Mark Davis as the male actor; this was the only reference out there, that I could see. I hope you did not learn about Mark Davis from this version, because it would have been terrible of you to have not mentioned the link, and the information it provided.

I can see the above version was probably taken off a VHS. The "masalaboard.com" discussion mentioned above offered 375MB downloads (now defunct, of course) which was as close as you were going to get to "HD." You know, back in the VHS days, or the early 1990s, there was no "HD"... so I don't know what makes you think you would even get "HD."


On a personal note, Khanmuzzu86, we may see you have signed up as a Name That Porn member and have been doing your bit to solve our puzzles. You know the people who ask the questions can be as rude as can be... they rarely express their gratitude, even when their helpers spend hours trying to unravel their problems. That's the reality, and we accept it; we do not do what we do for accolades. On the other hand, we don't personally have to be so inconsiderate, do we?

I always make sure to thank the kind people who help me with my I.D. questions. I'm not bringing this up so that you can "thank" me now... it does not matter. I'm just saying, the way in which you responded (where you did not care one bit about the effort somebody made on your behalf) is a reflection on you, and your manners. It's something you should think about.

Models in this video: Madison Stone, Mark Davis
Pronstar name Madison Stone is correct but 8 want full hd video.
You've got a tall order here, Khanmuzzu86... never mind the "HD," you would be lucky to get any version of this movie.

Your image seems to have disappeared. Fortunately, we can get an idea of what you are looking for by clicking on "Source."

The title of that xHamster page tells us the name of the movie is Kamasutra-The Art Of Love. The closest thing I found was this link for

Kamasutra - The Ancient Indian art of Love Making, from 2008.

However, the narrator does not have a British accent; therefore not the same movie.

Unfortunately, there are many movies that begin with "Kama Sutra." ()

We may read from the comments section the movie is called " The Kama Sutra Rituals of Lovemaking"; at least that is what the uploader of the Xvideos movie (now deleted) has called it.

When I searched for that title, I found nothing relevant. We could suspect that was never an "official" title.

You may want to return and perform an "Edit" by providing more information on this movie. You should provide a new identifying image, for one thing, in case the "Source" information disappears. (Assuming you are even checking... it has been almost one year.)

Let me see if I can help:

Another clue from the comments section is that the actress from the clip was tied in with a "Madison," which the commenter guessed was Madison Stone. As Ms. Stone is a "plump" actress, I do not think so.

(There was another porn actress by that name around the early 2000s, but not much is known about her: )

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