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Where can I find this video? or/name

Where can I find this video? or/name

Diana (BFFS) Show These Rookies The Ropes

full video:
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Thanks, Potro ... I remember this one from the archives, and I found the above photo intriguing. Nice to know where it came from.

A little I.D. help; don't know if what they came up with was accurate, but probably:

They tried to pin down seven actresses, winding up with these five: Angelina Mylee (she appears to be the one in the foreground from the above shot, with the ugly tattoo), Nikki Lavay, Rachel Rose (nice!), and Tia Monae. The blonde, they claim, is Chloe Brooke.

Wonder who "Diane" is. There is also mention of a "Jess" (who is left in charge), from the description we may read in the first link above.

I just tried the link from below and it did not work in two different browsers. The site is a frustrating one, sometimes their links work, most of the time they don't ... at least in my experience. Here is an alternative:

Diana (BFFS) Show These Rookies The Ropes

full video:
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