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Don't Just Pity the "Farm Slaves From Budapest"

Don't Just Pity the "Farm Slaves From Budapest"

... No, pity me as well. Take a seat; let me tell you my sad, sad story. (Please have a box of tissues nearby.)

So this is a "Sex And Submission" episode (numbered 5618) starring CJ and Sabrina Sweet, as well as aging hunk Steve Holmes ... but you already know that spells trouble, because the older KINK Studio movies are not always easy to find. And this goes back to 2008, so you know what that means: Double Trouble!

But luck was with me! I found four Rapidshare links from an unknown source, and the file size was beautifully reasonable at only 325 MB. However, it turned out they were password-protected, and I even wasted time looking into those password-unlocking programs ... even though we know they never work. (I have these links, if anyone wants them for some unknown reason.)

For the older episodes, SITERIPs can be a great bet - but ones that I've looked into have dead links or don't feature this episode.

One that could be a live one may be but the horrible Dizzcloud (ohh, they are a rotten filehoster... but can't be too picky!) give me an "Error 522 - Connection timed out" message.

So what do you think? Can you work your miracle? Looking for a non-torrent, hopefully not a giant file.

Nice page with a little insight on the actresses:


Thank you!

Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Why, hello back there, Legancy!

Listen, I know we are all anonymous here and I don't want to compromise your privacy (I guess we wouldn't want your private circles to become aware of your proficiency with porn, although most would no doubt be more impressed than they would care to admit), but would you mind telling me your real name?

I'm asking because 1) I'm nosy, and 2) because I was wondering... could it be Gunga Din?

I think you must be Gunga Din, because you are certainly a better man than I. I knda have a good feel for finding things by now, but I searched high and nigh for this one, and -- well, how the HECK did you find these??

(Makes me feel so... inadequate!)

I threw out another "Find Me the Goods" question at around the same time, and I have noticed you came through on that one, as well:

Lookin' for a "Girls Do Porn" Video!
3 years ago

Thank you so very much, for spending your precious time for my base, dark and depraved needs. You are a pal.
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