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Who is she? Where is this picture from?

Who is she? Where is this picture from?

Carli banks
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I'd still like to know where the intriguing picture is from. And it's always good to get reference as to an actress' I.D., as this actress is not so distinctive-looking to know for sure.

For the directory: Carli Banks. She's got a huge output over at , so no doubt those familiar with her would know what she looks like.


The above photo must be from the near-decade-old The Kidnapping of Carly Banks. (Featuring Crystal Klein as the "Evil Wife.")

Plot description:

Some photo collages (I couldn't spot the "holding up sign" one from above, although a good several of these are less than a minute long):

One of the more revealing sets:

Carli also appeared in a couple of other "Kidnapping" movies from the same year, also produced by FM Concepts,  "Kidnapping of Ashley Raines," and " Kidnapping of Marlena Mercurio."

Good work, Hotstud1532! You get my upvote.
Carli banks
eagle64 confirms this as correct.
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