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Description only, please, help me !

Description only, please, help me !

Sorry, i don't have any picture of that porn, but i can give a description of it. I believe the video took place in a white room. It's a job interview with a black woman with big boobs and a bald white man. The white man asks the black woman to get naked, fucks her etc, and when he fucks her he has a big vein on his forehead. Once he is done, he cums on the woman's boobs and tells her she is hired. During all the video, some scenes take place next to the door of the room, where a man wait outdoors for his turn, and he is surprised by the love sounds coming from the room.
This was a really funny porn, and I have great memories about it, so i'm beging you, please, tell me what it is !
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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