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Where can I find this video?

We are sorry to inform you, that you lack the privileges to comment in solved posts.
Just keep being active in this community, and you will automatically get this privilege.

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my opinion is that is pointless to post vid which is contained in another answers included in the comment but whatever

now i do keep track of my answers (i didnt then) and i dont have time to collect them all a lot of them arent even marked as correct, fixed now

you are the best and I know of his achievements,
but your answer and references doesn't contain full videos,
your answer has been pending for three months,
the jury will judge the consistent response made earlier,
next time, I warn you,
sorry if I injure some code of ethics namethatporn, I'm beginner,
the answer has not yet been tried and you can complete his,
thanks, buddy.

PS - I'mBrazilian, using google translator. Perhaps you've noticed...and that Jynx's ass is this?
hey buddy not cool..
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