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Where can I find this video?

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Thank you, Wicked Saint, that was very helpful. I didn't even realize what Anon_63gmFEGYUhsWw provided was not the full scene... although I should have known, because I did play a minute of it, and it started out with a sex scene without any preliminaries.

It's very frustrating when a video is embedded in the fashion below, because there is no way to check the source -- or at least no way I know of; with Xvideos or Xhamster, for example, if you double-click on the screen, the original page will open in a new tab of your browser -- nor is there a way to fast-forward, or perform other controls. This is why I could not notice the running length.

As I wrote the above, it occurred to me that I neglected a trick I was already aware of... and that is to open an uncooperative page in a different browser. The problems I wrote about occurred with Opera. I now opened this NTP page in Chrome and the controls and way to access where the video came from (without a direct link) became apparent.

I really like the beautiful Jenni Lee; I was excited, when I first discovered her, to read from her bios that she had done work for KINK, the videos of which I appreciate. But I quickly discovered that lady was a different Jenni Lee.

It's a shame Jenni has appeared in a lot of "stupid" porn from the mainstream studios, where the women are unrealistically too aggressive. (Just played the first couple of minutes of Wicked Saint's link below, and it took no time at all for the Amazing Colossal Man to seduce Jenni.)

One exception, for those interested, is a Real Wife Stories episode called Suck For My Silence; a reluctant Jenni was held over a barrel by the Brit Keiran Lee (good casting, given that he looks like a thug), and this video was a welcome surprise. Too bad there are not more like it.

The two Jenni Lees (I see there is a third one too, active in 2006):

The KINK Jenni:

Just helping out. Thanks to Anon_63gmFEGYUhsWw identification of the girl, i found the full video. Need to watch in full scene though. You'll see why.

Jenni Lee in Neighbor Affair

Nice going, Anon_63gmFEGYUhsWw. I wish you would have identified the scene, though. For directory purposes, it is Jenni Lee, a very sexy woman.
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