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Where can I find this video?

Correct answer
Carter Cruise - The Cute Little Babysitter 3
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Carter Cruise - The Cute Little Babysitter 3
Clue: Carter Cruise. (And for once, she is not holding her hand over her mouth, as we keep seeing her from that Punish Tube ad.)


Got a downvote, and went clicking through my recent comments to see what happened. This was it.

Let's examine what I did. I could only come up with the identity of the actress, so I provided that as a clue, in order to help others to track this video down. I added a comment for the benefit of those who are familiar with the Punish Tube ads. That's called keeping things interesting.

In other words, everything I did above was to try and help. The likeliest candidate who put in that downvote must have been the anonymous troll who began this thread... because I can't imagine a random passerby or fellow puzzle-solver doing so.

If the culprit was not you, Anon_33Iod.rnkzwX., do accept my apology. But if it was you, don't be such a coward, as anyone is who criticizes from the shadows. Explain yourself. What was your reason, for this ridiculous downvote? (Perhaps you were outraged that you did not get the full answer you were hoping for?)

This is supposed to be an adult community, in case you are twelve-years-old. Either that, or you must be mentally deficient. If you're going to give a downvote, make damned sure someone has gone overboard with doing something wrong -- but better yet, instead of being a coward in that case, make yourself heard. All you're doing is reminding those puzzle-solvers who are spending their time for basically nothing that they could be spending their time in more productive ways. Aside from the reason for your downvote being stupid, that kind of chasing-away of volunteers is also stupid.

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