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What's the name of this pornstar?

What's the name of this pornstar?

And Video??
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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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@Know-way +1, i really did enjoy reading that. porn detective work. :)

you've inspired me to do some digging of my own.

seems her name is Angelica

via reverse image searching and then getting lucky came across the post on the middle of this page):

unfortunately the link to that set no longer works but putting in the name of the set yields the following (very low quality) video from that set.

times like this makes me feel i'm some strange version of the movie 8MM. LOL
plo_sadic confirms this as correct.
Three years (at the time of writing) and no one has made a dent in this?

The only result that came up for me in an image search was this link:

(Which I found out, to my chagrin, needs a lightning fast internet connection for... because the page continuously loads with photos, which resulted in the hanging of my browser several times. But you know how it is.... once you begin the voyage to Name That Porn, you've got to see it through.)

So after literally several hours, the photo finally emerged. (Sometimes the operators of the "Jeehive1" site would provide source credits. That's what I was hoping for.)

Finally! Got it...

As you may see, there was nothing to go on.

I did notice the "INSEX 2003" watermark, however. (Which I later noticed was on the photo above, as well.)

INSEX turned out to be a porn outfit that lasted from 1997 to 2005. Given its BDSM specialty, it was targeted by US law authorities. When the credit card companies were strongarmed by the FBI, INTEL could no longer continue to operate. The firm sold its video inventory to a Dutch company, making it sound like locating the videos would be very difficult these days, especially for one dating back to 2003.

Some of the videos evidently may be at but one would need to be a paying member to rummage through their archives, hoping to find a photo with the actress from above.

Yet the main question above focused on the identity of the model, and finding the video was an afterthought.

"The majority of models were local women who answered an anonymous ad in a newspaper, although a small percentage of women had previous modeling or BDSM experience. Some women stated that they were not interested in BDSM sexually, but rather saw it as a physical and mental challenge that allowed them to test their abilities."

"Models normally did not use ordinary stage names, but they were given numbers ("101", "912"), although some models were referred to by unusual verbal names ("Spacegirl", "Az"). The numeric names were usually based on the date that the model made her first test video shoot, "101" being October 1, "912" referring to September 12. "

A few of these unnamed models did achieve pornstar status, going on to mostly work for KINK.com. So it's possible the blonde we see above did attain some porn stature.

Since most INSEX models came and went, and the majority that were never given names were always anonymous, it would appear the identity of our blonde could keep on remaining a mystery.

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