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What is her Pornstar name and where can i find the Video

What is her Pornstar name and where can i find the Video

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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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I believe she is not a pornstar but an australian girl named "Gemma" . Here is more of her pictures

It's not Daniella Lanio. Where's the source with the exact pictures or with the same girl? Daniella Lanio doesn't look anything remotely to this girl.

Ok, compare an image I found on Google with Daniella Lanio in it.

The girl in pink bra IS Daniella Lanio. Now compare how round Daniella's boob size is. It's perfectly round as if she pushed them together upwards. Now, look at the girl in the picture above with white bra. Her boob size seems to be much smaller. If the girl in white bra actually tried to push her boobs together, her boobs wouldn't be as big as Daniella's boobs either way.

Now back to Daniella Lanio. Look at the chin. The chin looks to be square shaped and she looks to have skinny cheek bones. Now compare the girl in white bra. Her chin looks to be fairly small and her side cheeks are a lot fatter.

Now back to Daniella Lanio. Compare the hair style. Daniella has black hair and it looks as if her hair is curly at the end. Now compare the girl in white bra's hair. Her hair looks to be straight with a hint of light brown at the top while she has black-ish brown at the end of her hair strings.

Not to mention, Daniella looks to have a little more meat on her arms while the girl in white bra seems to be lacking meat on her arms.

To top that off. How come I found multiple pictures of the girl in white bra under the name "Gemma Maree", but can't find a single picture that has this exact picture in the search bar under the name "Daniella Lanio"?
Her name is Daniella Lanio
Picture is reversed around. I answered it on this topic already.

What's the name of this pornstar?
4 years ago

But her name is Gemma Maree.
ydyote confirms this as correct.
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