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Where can I find this video?

Where can I find this video?

I know this is a FraudTaxi, obviously, but I can't find this video specifically.
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Hello, Anon_424Xt2DKUgLrw,

Sometimes sites use variations on their names when they post their wares elsewhere to entice potential customers; thus, the "Fraud" Taxi, which you might say is a fraud, because the series is in fact "Fake Taxi."

The episode you are looking for stars Chessie Kay and you can get it here:

Chessie appeared in a later episode and coincidentally that very episode has been asked about today.

(This is actually the worst of the two episodes, as it employs one of those stupid "revenge tape" motifs. Girl is mad at her boyfriend, so to get back at him she makes a porno with someone she doesn't know. Right!)

Where to find this?
3 years ago

The puzzle-solver for the above expected the questioner to actually do some work (the very idea!) and did not provide the direct link; since I just went through the trouble, here it is:

It's a very difficult site to navigate around, because each click gives you a "wait five seconds" Adfly misery. What you may want to do, if you wish to peruse this site further (based on my very limited experience anyway), is to copy the link and paste it in another tab of your browser, making sure to delete the "adfly" address at the beginning of the link.

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