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Trying to find a film

Trying to find a film

The picture, although cool is to demonstrate hair colour of one actress since I have to submit one. I am trying to find a film, possibly Dutch, 90s staring a stunning busty girl with long bright-ish red hair and a smaller stunning blonde, from what I recall the plot is roughly as follows. Red, wearing a blue denim shirt, gets screwed in a laundry type room by a guy, as he finishes the girls mother walks in, the guy runs off and the mother seems to console the girl. Mother calls a grey haired doctor to examine the girl while mother listens outside the door, the girl seduces the doctor and he takes her over an exercise bike muffling her sounds with panties or something. At some point the parents get it on, dad is skinny with tattoos and the mother is busty, in leather or pvc with loads of vaginal and clitoral piercings. The girls later surprise dad's friend wfhile he is exercising and he screws them both before dad returns and chases them all all off. The girls are sent to see a priest who they blindfold while blowing him before shagging him. It ends with the girls skipping down the road removing/twirling their panties. That Is the best I can recall it. The copy I had was entitled something like 'angels at seventeen' but numerous attempts at searching variations of this have been fruitless. I would be very grateful if someone could provide the actual title or the actresses names or more. Many thanks in advance.
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Lilith lust
Piper Fawn aka Ariel
I think he wants the name of the film/actresses. Sorry I cannot help.
I think she's Ariel
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