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Correct answer
eidwan, grmrepr and aman1060 confirms this as correct.
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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This isn't Sunrise Adams nor Amber Peach, however I'm not convinced it's Anita Stone either due to how different she looks every single video she's in while listed as Anita Stone vs the OP's video.

IAFD lists Sunrise Adams last active year as 2008, she was ~26 and that was 10 years ago. While this video is a few years old, the actress looks to be no more than mid 20's, not 30+. Also Sunrise Adam's tits weren't that big before she had Implants (very poorly done). In the face I agree she does resemble Sunrise, but it simply isn't her.

XHamster photo Gallery of her with Implants:

How are things like this being listed as "Correct" when people aren't even doing their homework on who the Actress actual is???
Looks kinda like her but not Sunrise Adams. Trust me, I've fapped enough to Sunrise to know =P

Anita Stone

eidwan, grmrepr and aman1060 confirms this as correct.
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