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Where can I find this video?

Where can I find this video?

I need the pornstar name too
her name is Dunjaschas
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This was shot in 2008 for SitOnMyLips.com aka Bruteens.com, a defunct Russian femdom non-nude site. I haven't been able to find out the girl's name. She's not any know pornstar. Dujaschas is almost certainly bullshit. Dunja is a Russian name. Dunjaschas means "Dunja, now!" in Russian. It's not a name.

Two galleries with this girl:

(another copy of the last one: ).

You can see more galleries from this site, although with different girls @

The same guy owned a couple of different femdom sites. Others were bruteens.com and da-chicks.com. You can download the Bruteens.com pack , this girl is in the 2008 folder.

This guy is still shooting, here are his current sites:

There are a bunch of her pictures and links to videos with her in these two forum threads (registration required)

4 videos with this girl:

Thank you, AlexisTrujillo
her name is Dunjaschas
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