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gamer, brazzers, tattoo

What brazzers vid is this.

I saw this on the brazzers landing page
here are some gifs one of the vids is old idk about the other one
Correct answer
Hellas678, Carolas12, alejo_carp and teon57 confirms this as correct.
Can YOU Name That Porn?
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@newbie2 actually i found another ad with the same actors just a diffrent scene soooooo yeah idk if this will be a scene or just something short for the adsreport
@newbie2 well i guess only time will tell thanks for helping mereport

Thanks for the gifs! :-)

It does look like an upcoming scene, because there's absolutely no info about it anywhere. Perhaps it's still in production - that's why it's missing on the upcoming page?!? I don't know - just my theory...

I assume the other girl in the scene is Dan Dangler:

About the gifs:

1.) https://gyazo.com/9da1df4af2f8fcdcd8fb2dfca7d85288

The second scene in this gif is Kali Roses in "Cheating Gamer Distracted by Huge Cock" from July 2022:


2.) https://gyazo.com/dc2ff033fb4afa58e944cd53781a3a3a

The second scene in this gif is Violet Myers in "Free Use & Pussy Juice" from September 2021:


Fun facts: They are both from the series/subsite "Brazzers Exxtra" and all 3 of these scenes are showing the girls playing video games! :-)
@newbie2 time will tell its not in the upcomming page from brazzers and were you able to find the other ones in the gifs tho?report
Yeah but still no vid.
There are gifs in the post now
@squareman Click Edit button on your post and add links to description sectionreport
Where do i put the gifs?report
@newbie2 i cant get them all in 1 gif unforunatly but i have made a few.report
@newbie2 its not in the upcomming page in brazzers tho but mabye ur right. i saw it in an ad together with other vidsreport
anyone know the name of the other girl in this same ad? the one with the orange tank topreport
NOT the Same Top or Even a brown Sofa ANYWHERE in that video ...
I had to Find your full video MYSELF
@rontweezer ah ok the guy in the back is van wylde im sure about that but i coulnt find anything either with themreport
@squareman went all over the internet and I can't find any other video of hers with this top. The guy in the back looks a bit like Van Wylde but I can't find a video with both of themreport
@rontweezer pornstar is right but the vid is notreport
Hellas678, Carolas12, alejo_carp and teon57 confirms this as correct.
Hayley daviesreport
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