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Where can I find this video?

Where can I find this video?

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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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The Photoshopped head of Tiffany Diamond...

What's the name of this porn star?
1 year ago
(Curiously, if you follow the above link and watch the video trailer, you will see that face has been Photoshopped as well. The face above is not Tiffany Diamond's.)

...Is IRRELEVANT to the video:


It does not matter if the face in the photo from the top of this page is someone else's -- it's close enough to the lady from the source, Melissa Midwest. Besides, the questioner,, Desired, did not desire the identity of the lady, but the video.

Gorilla016, the first respondent, did the hard work of identifying the actress. The next respondent, 655borg, came up with what was asked for, the video.

The question has been answered. I am giving my CONFIRM to 655borg.

In fact, given that Desired asked this question (at the time of this writing) two years ago, and has signed in and participated many times since, it was Desired's responsibility to accept 655borg's response as the solution to his question. It's not right when people ask questions and then abandon their dutiful follow-ups.

dirtywhiteboy and plo_sadic confirms this as correct.
what neendo said. Wtf. It's obviously shopped look at the hair op top and above the ear. Both shots are identical fake face pics pasted on... just flipped horizontally lmfao. yall are hilarious.
Honestly, both sort of look photo shopped. Think orig. post is M. Midwest with different head photo shopped, and it's the same girl photo shopped on the T. Diamond video pictures, but who is the girl?
Same fireplace, same dude, but different girl, sometimes she has guests, who is this girl?
Know-way confirms this as correct.
Here are the images:

But, I am not sure about a video.
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