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What's Name A Girl On Stand upper Right?

What's Name A Girl On Stand upper Right?

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Of course people are giving up haha
She's Korean
Real street pick up
Hamster has given up
She looks a lot like the secretary in "Young Mother 2" a R18 korean film.

I don't know the reason, but it's unembedable.
A good translation for this title is:

Power Harassment Getters in Korea - The Target, Beautiful Korean Reader Models Dreaming of Making Debuts in Japan! First, We'll Coax Them With Clever BS, And Then With the Alluring Power of Yen...!!!! (HUSR-058, Studio: Big Mokaru )

You get the idea of the plot.

Some other download and screen shot options:

I think we may safely conclude that the identity of the woman being sought will be un-pindownable for the following reasons:

It's a "Nanpa" or nampa film, the pick-up-off-the-street kind, and these are notorious for not naming the cast.

There is a chance the pornographers were being truthful, and the action was located in Korea. If Korean actresses were utilized, we are an extra step farther removed from managing an identification.

It is a very recent release, a little over a month old, meaning the movie has not had a chance to settle - which is sometimes needed to unravel extra information.

Hamster has given up. If Hamster can't get to the bottom of a porn, then pretty much all hope is lost.

Damn, ive seen it somewhere before.. The name of the girl is everywhere hidden.

Screenshots of the movie:

After some redirection and URL hacks, I got to here:

Fuck it I give up, its a korean woman anyways. You can download it here:
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