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Where can I find this video?

Where can I find this video?

I know she is Shyla Jennings frrom FTVGirls, but where can I find the video?
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So why hasn't this been approved, after half-a-year?

I thought of two reasons: 1) the video was only five minutes, and 2) the page that was offered could have been confused for having no video. (There's a lot of stuff on that page.)

(Oh! There could be a third reason too, of course... it can take forever for Name That Porn solutions to get approved.)

At any rate, since I was ignorant about FTV Girls (all I knew was the name), I went about seeing if I could find the full-length video for this.

What I discovered was that Shyla Jennings had a million FTV Girls episodes. (The one we want came out in late 2014. A description stated, "Shyla Jennings is back at FTV Girls after her first appearance three years ago. She's grown up quite a bit") Take a look:

'Athletic Anal':

"Shyla Jennings Fingering Her Asshole"

Let me cut to the chase; here is a bunch of Shyla FTV videos called "Homegrown Beauty":

(The next post gives us the "sequel," "Homegrown Beauty 2":


There are fifteen scenes altogether, and notice how short each clip is.

Does that mean the full-length film was found, after all? The movie being sought here is called The Deepest Fist. Was five minutes all there was to this movie?

Now check out the next link that offers many more photos than the link that was presented in the post below:

(It's also got a download link. Too bad it's dead. Well... maybe it only offered the photos.)

So we have three scenes in The Deepest Fist:

1) The "red chair" scene
2) The "by the plant" scene
3) The "park bench" scene (Extended; that is, the longest one.)

(This is the one offered in the post below. Half of it, anyway.)

(If you're into the photos, one I clicked on from the above link did not work. Here is another photo-rich extravaganza:

Let me present to you the video for "Scene 1" of this FTV Girls episode (that is, "red chair"):

(By the way, "FTV Girls" stands for "First Time Video." How could they claim Shyla Jennings is on video for the first time if "FTV Girls" has used her a million times?)

Despite my extensive search for Shyla Jennings in The Deepest Fist, I could not come up with the full video either. (Sorry, @DannyChampion !) This is why I am giving our man @PmMeGifsForSauce my "CONFIRM."

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