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Half asian half white hottie

Anyone know the name/username of the half asian half white webcam girl?
In the beginning of the video she speaks abit of chinese and wishes one of her viewers good luck in their exams.
Any where else I can find more of her videos? Thanks!

Edit - xhamster seems to blocked in my country. But thats the link below.
http:// xhamster.com/movies/1126767/half_asian_half_white_hottie.html
(minus the space between http:// and xhamster.com)
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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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You sir are a legend. Where abouts can we find her videos apart from MFC? Like what sites would have them?
RavishMeAlice aka Immakoala - on MFC now as YourAsian
hidingmypowerlevel confirms this as correct.
some one plz find who she is or her account and site this video was on this girl is amazing. and it is NOT REINA TANAKA or any of the varients
Hey man. That ain't reina tanaka. Different girl unfortunately. Only found 2 other videos of the girl in this post. Anyone else wanna help a brother out in finding out who she is? Thanks!
She goes by A LOT of names. Her real name is Reina Tanaka i believe (or that's just another one of her usernames) - also don't just google that because there's a singer with the same name. She's an mfc girl. MissLawra, Jeerawan are among others.
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