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where can i find the video for this? and what's her name?

where can i find the video for this? and what's her name?

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Must be a new episode. Too bad the makers' strange site does not offer any descriptions, links only leading to their sign-up page:


I see one needs to go through the back door of the main site to get information:

They only have nine episodes to date. I can't see a match between the woman above and any of the actresses in their videos... not in face, hairstyle or costume.

Other reference also featuring nine episodes:

It's possible the brown tanktop the lady above is wearing was under her shirt, but then again, these ladies wear the flimsiest clothing.

Actress and shirt color:

Bliss Dulce -- red
Abella Danger -- white
Sara Luv -- green & white
Hannah Hartman -- checkered/plaid
Sandra Luberc -- dark pattern/sleveless
Sophia Torres (blondish) -- lavender
Taylor Reed -- Light blue
Lana Violet -- gray
Alex Tanner (redhead) -- gray-green tanktop

There is at least one other lady featured in the series' fast-paced opening sequence who also does not appear in these nine episodes. Perhaps the site's episode guide has not been yet updated to include the one from the photo above.

Other explanations may be that this woman was a background player and not the main star (very doubtful), or that another porn company has ripped off MOFO with their own "Border Guard" series. (Which would be awful, given that the BPS series is brand new. On the other hand, there is at least one other series, the name of which I don't recall offhand, that utilized the same idea long before BPS came into being.)
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