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Where can I find this video?

Where can I find this video?

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Can YOU Name That Porn?
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Her name is Goldie Blair
That was an eye-catching photograph; never heard of the site, although I learned it has been around for over a decade.

The promise of this particular video and the site's other offerings was enticing, because it seemed we may get a rare dose of "reality" porn, instead of women throwing themselves at men, as is the norm.

When I visited the site, i learned the one behind it was a woman called Lorelei (check out her "About the Author" page); refreshing, and makes sense. No wonder we don't get the usual stupid porn.

It may be hard to pinpoint this particular scene. I don't think there is an episode breakdown at the site, although I didn't spend enough time to know for sure. What I did learn was that the porn from the FF site is one of those Clips4Sale deals:

And these can prove especially hard to get.

Another thing I discovered is that because these are clips, there's not going to be too much follow-through with the action. That's kind of disappointing. As much fun as it may be to see the respect shown toward "reality," seeing a woman get, say, stripped and humiliated and nothing more can leave one hanging.

At any rate, Anon_3d2Uh8wwiW1.w, while I hope you or an NTP master can manage to track down this particular episode (which is most likely one of the site's newer offerings; the tattooed man with the long hair does not seem to be around with the bulk of their movies), you may enjoy getting a taste of the site's other fare:

I downloaded the screen shots and looked through each one. The episode you're looking for is not among them.

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