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Name and Full Videos?

Her name is Alex Tanner. The video's here:
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Here is a (not-yet-removed) free streaming of the full version...3 parts.

Of course the idea is to provide links of pirated videos made available for free, but the link below is useful to at least determine the name of the video.

We may see what is above is a compilation of the three parts of "Alex's Brother Makes Her His Slut Over and Over" -- the episodes being, "Alex Caught Stealing," "Alex's Brother Finds Out She's a Stripper," and "Alex - Shower Blackmail."

Since it is one of those "underground" affairs made available on Clips4Sale, the odds of finding a free copy become diminished. Not only are such movies generally not circulated very widely, but when they are, the manufacturers -- in this case, Primal Fetish -- are often more aggressive in getting their stolen properties taken down. (For which they have every right, as with any of us who would have their property stolen).

Isn't that a great expression on Alex Tanner's face, from the freeze-frame above? The teen-ager has certainly been very active:

It is frustrating when Clips4Sale movies can't easily be found for free, because the producers can frequently provide stories with more bite, and with more "reality" than the usually stupid above-ground porn manufacturers. Of course, women don't give it up at the drop of the hat, as we see in many ridiculous porn movies, so it's a lot more satisfying to watch what happens when they get backed into a corner.

In defense of dumb porn, I think what the Brazzers/Reality Kings/Naughty America/Reality Gang companies and others are afraid of are indiscriminate obscenity laws in the U.S., where the Feds can bust a porn-maker for any arbitrary reason; it's safer to show the woman in command of the sexual situation, because otherwise it would be rape. Same for incest -- that's why they have recently made a point of calling, for example, the mothers "stepmothers"... for added safety.

I took a very quick look for the possibilities, Anon_43wwgtsy01ffM, and the outlook seemed bleak. Maybe you or one of our talented helpers can find this one in its full=length, hiding in a corner of the vast Internet.

Her name is Alex Tanner. The video's here:
Alex tanner
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